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How ISIS sells youth a perverted "purpose driven life"

How ISIS sells youth a perverted "purpose driven life&quot?
How ISIS sells youth a perverted "purpose driven life&quot?
How ISIS sells youth a perverted “purpose driven life&quot?

An 18-year old Australian teen reportedly carried out a suicide bombing for ISIS and it’s another example of the way ISIS is using social media to recruit lost Western Youth by selling them purpose, meaning, and a chance to become a hero.

Remember, Rick Warren’s “The purpose driven life”, which sold 30 million copies worldwide? It gave people a positive purpose says Australian Human Behavior Expert, Patrick Wanis PhD. Australian Jake Bilardi is another example of a troubled teen who sought meaning and purpose after his mother died of Cancer 2 years ago and ISIS helped transform him from an Atheist into a Muslim terrorist.

Jake Bilardi was not poor and he was not uneducated; he was affluent and a gifted student. However, ISIS’ social media propaganda tapped into his vulnerabilities and confusion. Bilardi didn’t need a job – what he needed was meaning and purpose to his life – he found a perverted meaning.

ISIS’ propaganda videos display solidarity, strength, power; the videos seem to offer something more than just a religion – they offer a supernatural intention and objective – to serve God via sacrifice; the videos promote extreme honor in death, unparalleled brotherhood and unity and even try to offer the remedy to individual depression by fighting for a cause, living with honor and becoming a hero.

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