Kiefer Sutherland Discusses the ‘Danger’ of Criminal Charges Before His Arrest

Kiefer Sutherland Discusses the 'Danger' of Criminal Charges Before His Arrest

Kiefer Sutherland Discusses the ‘Danger’ of Criminal Charges Before His Arrest

Wednesday, September 26, 2007 By Hollie McKay


Kiefer Sutherland Discusses the ‘Danger’ of Criminal Charges Before His Arrest

Strange things happen in the reel life of “24,” but could Kiefer Sutherland have jinxed his real life as well? 

Sutherland was a hit at the FOX Fall TV Launch Party at Los Angeles’ Area Nightclub on Monday night as he worked the crowd, but the screen star might have jinxed himself with talk of criminal charges for characters on the show. 

Sutherland was arrested post-party in West Hollywood at 1.30 a.m. Tuesday — where, according to the LAPD police report, he was at twice the legal alcohol limit of 0.08.It’s the second DUI charge for the small-screen sensation, who was initially arrested in November 2004 after blowing a big .22 blood-alcohol reading. 

Sutherland did catch up with FOX on the red carpet prior to entering the party palace, revealing some scandalous secrets about the upcoming season of “24.” 

“The whole tone of the show is changed just because CTU is under investigation by the Senate, and criminal charges are in danger of being filed,” Sutherland said. “It sets a tone for all of the characters that are left that actually have come back from CTU in a very defensive posture, which is very different for the show.” 

Video: Chatting With Kiefer 

So if Sutherland was able to engage in a little foreshadowing, is he also able to accurately predict results of the 2008 presidential election? 

“This season has also opened up a monumental cast shift for us, and we’ve had some great people come in. We have a female president which is a huge tonal shift,” he said.But it seems as though Kiefer himself may soon be slapped with a “huge tonal shift” in terms of his personal residence — with the very real possibility of a move to a jail cell. Kiefer has violated the 5-year probation he was placed on following his first arrest, and the judge in that case was Michael Sauer (Yes! The one who sent Paris Hilton into the hothouse after she drove on a suspended license). 

Insiders confirmed to that Kiefer was offered a driver to take him to and from various venues on Monday evening, but he declined the offer. So why do stars such as Sutherland, Hilton, Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan (who all have beyond bountiful bank balances) refuse a chauffeur? 

“Power and delusion … Kiefer, after all, is ’24’’s Jack Bauer — he breaks all the rules and always gets away with it,” suggested Patrick Wanis, an expert in celebrity behavior. 

“It is highly plausible that after someone lives and breathes a character for seven seasons that at some level, he will begin to take on many of the characteristics and traits of the character … Any behavior expert will tell you that the more you act out a behavior and emotion, the more you will become it.”

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