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LeAnn Rimes – Another Wicked Stepmother?

LeAnn Rimes - Another Wicked Stepmother
LeAnn Rimes - Another Wicked Stepmother
LeAnn Rimes – Another Wicked Stepmother

Is LeAnn Rime’s decision to do a reality TV show an example of a step-mother turning wicked by setting out to punish the ex-wife? It certainly looks that way, says one behavior expert.

“LeAnn Rimes is blatantly using her new Vh1 TV show to manipulate, tease, mock, humiliate and disparage her husband’s ex wife Brandi Glanville” says Human Behavior Expert, Patrick Wanis PhD. “And this is a common occurrence by many stepmothers, who still remain jealous and threatened by the ex-wife. Despite the fact that Rimes and her husband Eddie Cibrian both cheated on their spouses, Rimes is intent on stepping on Cibrian’s ex-wife Brandi Glanville as she references tabloid rumors in her show.”

“Glanville and Rimes have been in massive Twitter fights and now Rimes wants to really hurt Glanville by rubbing it in her face that she and Cibrian are married and ‘happily ever after’” says Dr. Wanis. “But that behavior reeks of the opposite – Rimes is jealous, insecure and threatened by Glanvile. This is particularly common when the step mother was the ‘other woman’ – the mistress. When a relationship begins with both people cheating on their spouses, their future together can only be doomed because their foundation consists of lies, deceit and betrayal, and thus, they will never be able to fully trust each other – they will always be wondering when the other partner is going to cheat.”

“LeAnn & Eddie” is a new TV reality show on Vh1 about the inside life of LeAnn Rimes and husband Eddie Cibrian.

Wanis predicts they will suffer the fate of almost all of the couples that indulge in reality TV shows: “I call it the curse of the reality show – with few exceptions, every married couple who has their own reality show ends in divorce!”


Step mothers:

Often use the children against the ex-wife

Fail to understand the situation they married into is an ‘existing family’ and don’t understand that they’re not the center of it

Act as if the children belong to them and feel the need to ‘mother’ them

Don’t hold back their criticism of the children, which are really directed at the mother

Often cocky enough to believe then can do a better job than the biological mother

Use the children to spite the mother

Compete with the biological mother

Don’t realize THEY are the outsider

Mentality on Facebook seems to be same across the board – The stepmothers see themselves as victims of the biological mom. They think they married the prize and that the bio mom hasn’t ‘let go’ of the relationship with their husband

Often manipulate money and payment to the former spouse

Should understand ex-wives often know the ‘real truth’ about her former husbands

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