Life coaches beware – certification

Life coaches beware: "Heal thyself first."

Life coaches beware: “Heal thyself first.”

This is an excerpt from an interview: Mark Joyella ( interviewing Patrick Wanis for insights into life coaching and the mistakes they make.

Mark Joyella: How do clients choose their life coaches – is it results, recommendations or reputation that is the key factor… or some kind of certification/accreditation?

Patrick Wanis PhD: My clients always come to me based on either a recommendation, reputation or their own inspiration – they saw me on TV, heard me on radio, read one of my books or one of their friends experienced a positive transformation as a result of my help. The single most important factor for any client is results! A coach can have a slew of certificates and accreditation but if he or she can’t help the client, then the titles and education are meaningless.

In the past seven days, I took on two new clients – the first gentlemen came to me because he noticed such a positive dramatic change in his friend (my client) and then after he too, had a similar transformation, he recommended me to one of his business colleagues. I even have clients who already have a life coach come to me because they are seeking deeper help – often therapy – or they just aren’t getting the results they want.  One of my clients’ complained that her coach tried to stop her from coming to me – a sign of a very insecure and selfish coach – and yet in a 30-minute phone call, my client was able to uncover challenges and blocks she never had known about despite a year with her coach. In the second session, we removed those blocks. A real and sincere life coach must always think of the best interests of his/her client. I humbly suggest to all coaches – keep working on transforming yourself and then you will be able to help even more people. In other words, focus on healing yourself rather than just gathering information and certificates.

Also listen to the interview of “3 Most dangerous mistakes coaches/therapists make” 

Hosts of The Coaching Show on, Christopher McAuliffe, MCC and Tara Padua Wise CPC, interview Celebrity Life Coach, Human Behavior & Relationship Expert Patrick Wanis PhD, about his list of the three biggest and most dangerous mistakes that coaches make. Patrick Wanis reveals that these 3 mistakes are made not only by coaches but also by therapists, counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists. Patrick Wanis also reveals and explains how these mistakes can seriously harm and damage clients as well as the coach’s business.

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    Chris says:

    What great advice! Too many life coaches and therapist bring their own junk into their process. If they are not working on themselves they are at a significant disadvantage to healing or guiding others. And so true, at the end of the day I dont want a piece of paper from someone I have hired to help me, I want help.

    Keep up the good work!!

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