Michael Jackson – A Victim

Michael Jackson – A Victim

Michael Jackson – A Victim

Michael Jackson will probably be remembered as much for his strange and bizarre behavior as his music legacy, genius and talent. But what triggered his antics – dangling a baby over a hotel balcony, numerous plastic surgery and claims that he molested boys? Was it the price of fame or the result of other emotional and psychological issues? Was Michael Jackson another victim of the drug addiction mentality and disorder of Hollywood and the music industry? For example, country singer Tammy Wynette was addicted to Demerol, silent movies actor Wallace Reid died from addiction to morphine, Heath Ledger died from a cocktail of prescription drugs – multiple prescriptions from various doctors, and, the list goes on.

Curtis Kim of KSRO 1350 and CNN radio interviews Celebrity Life Coach and Human Behavior Expert, Patrick Wanis PhD for insight into the mind and emotions of Michael Jackson. In an enlightening and controversial interview, Patrick unfurls shocking revelations about the King of Pop. Patrick reveals that “Michael Jackson was a victim of childhood abuse, a victim of being a childhood star and ultimately a victim of his fame and celebrity. The king of pop was still a little boy lost and hurt.” Patrick also says that abuse as a child leads to feelings of inferiority, anger, hostility, inability to form meaningful relationships in adulthood – primarily because of trust issues. Patrick also states that “Michael antic’s were as much the result of public pressure and criticism as they were his deeper emotional pain and emotional immaturity…He often regressed in his behavior. He was still a child – probably somewhere in pre-pubescence – listen to his voice and the helpless, childlike way he described his encounter when the police searched and stripped him naked following claims that he had molested a boy.”

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