Oprah -Oh no, Not Behrendt again!

Oprah -Oh no, Not Behrendt again

Oprah -Oh no, Not Behrendt again

Oprah Winfrey wants to empower women and this afternoon with the help of Greg Behrendt they again offered a blanket solution to every relationship problem -“he’s just not that into you.” But is the book actually empowering women?

“Not so”, says Patrick Wanis, a Therapist, Human Behavior Expert and Better-life Coach. Patrick says the book’s catchy premise offers consolation for women who feel rejected but misses the mark. Patrick says the book’s premise assumes men are perfect once they are “into you” and fails to realize that the greatest obstacle facing men is fear of commitment & intimacy. The book assumes all relationships are fairy tales with no challenges. Patrick also says the ultimate irony is that if the man were to do everything a woman wants, she would get bored with him, lose respect for him, and dump him anyway. Patrick is the perfect expert to discuss and answer audience questions on:

  • The greatest fear Men face
  • How to know when it is time to dump the guy
  • Why women need to also take responsibility for the outcome of the relationship
  • Why the book is actually disempowering to women and damaging to relationships
  • What happens when the man does everything the woman wants

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