The New Liberation For Women – Rejuvenation Through Self-Expression and Identity

The New Liberation For Women - Rejuvenation Through Self-Expression and Identity

The New Liberation For Women – Rejuvenation Through Self-Expression and Identity

The liberation movement that began in the 1960s has brought women independence, equal civil rights and better jobs & pay but not freedom and confidence. Women are still stuck.

“The first women’s liberation movement went sour because it encouraged women to be like men”, says Patrick Wanis, Therapist, Human Behavior Expert, Better-life Coach and author of “What a Woman Wants.” Wanis says, “The new liberation for women is rejuvenation through self-expression and personal identity which is not just about a job or career, it’s also about expressing your sensuality and sexuality freely, confidently and joyfully.” Wanis is endorsing “Sexual Joy Dance Workshops” that are coming to Florida for the first time and are designed to increase body awareness and self-confidence because the female body is still considered taboo or is simply objectified to repress women. The workshops teach women how to own their sexuality and sensuality and how to deepen the connection women have with themselves and others. “In becoming more like men, many women have lost touch or become disconnected from their family, feelings and sensuality”, says Wanis.

“Women cannot be empowered or realize their full potential until they can freely express every aspect of themselves. One key aspect of a woman is her sensuality and sexuality which has been squelched by religion and the male need for domination.”

It is much easier to be an isolated monk that it is to love and accept yourself and raise a family meeting the challenges of daily life. Even today’s spiritual movement promotes enlightenment as being in a lotus position 24 hours a day, denying sexual expression and isolating oneself from not just the world but everyone in it. Surely, true enlightenment means being able to love oneself and others. The true test of spirituality is the ability to have loving, meaningful relationships, which contribute to the growth of self and others.

“Unfortunately many women have lost their identity and expression as a result of living years in a relationship where the women did what they thought THEY wanted, which was to be more like men, and in doing so, they came up empty losing much of their femininity and sensuality, and losing sight of their own path of self-expression and awareness.”

The Sexual Joy Dance Workshops help women to set themselves free to move into their creative force and beauty with the power of feminine sexuality. The Workshops are being led by Australia’s leading sensual-sexual facilitator and movement therapist, Annetta Luce. Annetta is an expert at teaching all ages, all skill levels and those who have never danced before. Annetta says “Many women complain that they are not free to fully experience their body, own their pleasure and enjoy expressing their sensuality and sexuality. Some women say they have lost or shut down their identity, self-confidence and playfulness.”

“The workshops are about feeling with your whole body, having fun, playing and safely exploring your sensuality and sexuality. Taking your clothes off is not necessary. We are helping women to find their sense of joy and playfulness once again.”


Workshops are at Kravis Center for the Performing Arts in West Palm Beach, The Goddess Store in Hollywood and 7th Circuit Studios, Miami in November. Two nights and one full day of workshops will Awaken the Sensual Body and then Dance the Erotic Body. For more information visit

Originally from Australia, Patrick Wanis is an expert in body language, relationships and persuasion. He has appeared on television and radio and teaches around the world.  Patrick has authored: How to Get Over It –Breakups, Betrayals and Rejection”; Soul Mates”, and; What a Woman Wants – And how to Give it to Her” His newest book, “Finding God – Spiritual Strategies to Help YOU Find Happiness, Fulfillment and Inner Peace” will be released this month. VH1 will feature Patrick working with Hulk Hogan in “Hogan Knows Best.”

ANNETTA LUCE – Annetta taught at the Sydney Dance Company merging disciplines, bridging the illusory body and mind. She is a dancer, performer, teacher, and instigator of new dance forms. Her expertise is in teaching all ages at any skill level and working with students who have never danced before. She draws on a vast range of techniques including body/mind centering, NLP, yoga, capoeira, contact improvisation and shamanic practices. She has explored alternative dance practice as a researcher, performer, teacher and choreographer for 30 years.  

Annetta has changed the lives of thousands of men and women giving them greater physical power, personal magnetism and satisfaction in their bodies, their lives and relationships. She is a Master Practitioner of NLP, Movement Therapist, Sexuality Educator, and Teacher of Dance, Sensual Expression and Intimacy. Annetta brings workshops for Men and Women that celebrate their bodies through movement by drawing on her own training in Martial Arts, Tantric and Native American Indian teachings.

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