The Truth About Men And Dogs

The Truth About Men And Dogs

The Truth About Men And Dogs

“Comparing dogs with men or humans is an insult to the intelligence of women, period”, says Human Behavior and Relationship Expert and Author, Patrick Wanis (Relationship Expert for, and American Media Mini Mags and booklets.)

In her book, Everything I Know About Men I Learnt From My Dog , British socialite and ex-model, Clare Staples, says men and canines are synonymous: “men and dogs have the same urges and natural instincts.” Staples sets out to offer “secrets and information on how to make relationships work”, claiming that men can be trained like dogs. Staples misses the mark. She suggests ignoring your man. If you ignore your man, how will you expect him not to ignore you? Staples also says to teach your man to give so he can get back. Wanis believes that this creates the opposite result and only encourages men to be selfish, and conditional.

Wanis insists there are no similarities between a woman’s relationship with a dog and a woman’s relationship with a man:

Do you and your dog have sex or get intimate?
Do you discuss your problems with your dog?
Does your dog provide for you or do you provide for your dog?
Does your dog help raise your children?
Does your dog look after you or offer you emotional or financial security?
Does your dog stimulate you intellectually?
Do you and your dog share your innermost fears and fantasies?
When you are sick, will your dog physically care for you?

As iterated in his book, Soul Mates, Wanis explains there are 5 key elements to a relationship:


“How can you have those 5 with a dog? How would a dog help you to express your individuality and identity? What about mutual concern, joint growth, open communication, and supporting each other? How would a dog help you to grow emotionally or become self-actualized? Should we also treat our sons as dogs?”

Wanis believes that dogs do not have the power of choice; humans do. Choosing to believe that men are like dogs only serves to insult women’s intelligence and leave them unfulfilled, unsatisfied and single. He says women would be better served to find equality in relationships rather than trying to master their mate, like a dog.

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