Cheating is OK – Goldie Hawn

Cheating is OK - Goldie Hawn

Cheating is OK – Goldie Hawn

Hollywood Star Goldie Hawn says men are wired to cheat and that’s OK with her. Goldie says it’s a fallacy to believe you can be with only one person your entire life, and says, to stay happy, she ignores whatever her partner of 22 years Kurt Russel does.

Can men be faithful and should women allow their men to sow wild oats whenever and wherever? “Faithfulness is a choice”, says Patrick Wanis, Hypnotherapist, Human Behavior Expert,  Celebrity Life Coach and author of upcoming book, “How to tell if your partner is cheating.” Patrick says it is true men can distinguish between sex and love but regardless of testosterone levels, men have the ability to choose to be faithful as do women. Patrick also says Goldie’s comments stem from her self-admitted low self-esteem and former depression.

Patrick is the perfect expert to discuss and answer audience questions on:

  • Are men neurologically wired to cheat?
  • How the human reptilian brain affects libido
  • Why do men cheat?
  • Marriage, men and the four-year sexual itch
  • Can you be with one person your entire life?
  • Why women put up with men who cheat
  • Why it’s unhealthy to put up with men who cheat
  • Aren’t women also cheating?

If you want to create great TV or radio and have these questions answered by an intelligent, controversial & insightful expert with loads of personality, and an Australian accent, then Patrick Wanis is your expert.

Originally from  Australia, Patrick Wanis is an expert in body language, relationships and persuasion. He is an international speaker, certified therapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner and hypnotherapist with degrees in communication, human behavior and journalism. He has appeared on television and radio and teaches around the world.  Patrick has authored: “How to Get Over It –Breakups, Betrayals and Rejection”; “Soul Mates”, and; “What a Woman Wants – And how to Give it to Her” His newest book, How to Read Anyone and tell if your Man is Cheating on You” will be released later this year. VH1 will feature Patrick working with and coaching Hulk Hogan this

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    Diane says:

    I think Goldie Hawn is a really awsome person and she is very smart and forgiving human being. Goldie decided that she loves her man and did what it took to keep him. She never said she was happy with the situation. If he was my man I would do the same. Go! Goldie

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