Our Hidden Motivations – Sex & Aggression, Meaning, Needs, Repressed Experiences?

Our Hidden Motivations - Sex & aggression, meaning, needs, repressed experiences

Our Hidden Motivations – Sex & aggression, meaning, needs, repressed experiences

Sigmund Freud believed it is sex and aggression; Victor Frankl said it is a search for meaning; Carl Jung referred to a collective unconscious and repressed experiences; Alfred Adler talked about will to power and; Abraham Maslow talked about an hierarchy of needs.

Patti Black and Chere, hosts of the radio show “Good News Show”, interview Human Behavior & Relationship Expert and SRTT Therapist, Patrick Wanis PhD, to discuss the things that motivate us, not from a philosophical perspective but rather from a practical perspective. In a friendly but extraordinarily revealing interview, Patrick Wanis PhD shares insights into:

Forgiveness and its significance
Western Society’s expectations and the consequences of those expectations
Denial and dangers of suppressing our emotions
Intellect, logic and reasoning versus emotions
How to neutralize negative emotions
“Whatever you feel is okay”
Why change is so hard; why we hold onto our beliefs
Uncovering your real identity
How your comfort zone eventually mutates into your prison
One question that can help you uncover what is holding you back in life and can help you to change your life
The link between stress, negative emotions and illness
How our feelings affect our health
Uncovering your passion
“You are acting selfish when you are not living your passion”
How to avoid losing your individuality enmeshment in relationships
The twelve powerful words (also read Patrick Wanis’ article – “The twelve most important words you will ever speak”

Tips for a healthy relationship

Click below to listen to the interview.


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