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Paris Hilton – Doesn’t Need To Be In Jail

Paris Hilton - Doesn't need to be in jail
Paris Hilton - Doesn't need to be in jail
Paris Hilton – Doesn’t need to be in jail

Part 1
The day before her breakdown in court, Celebrity Life Coach Patrick Wanis predicts on “Coffey in the morning” WKIS that Paris Hilton will fall apart emotionally if she doesn’t get the proper help she needs urgently.

Patrick warns that Paris Hilton’s team is doing her more harm than good: “Instead of growing into adulthood and maturity, she will become a childish puppet for all those around her…the real long-term victim and loser will be Paris Hilton.”

Part 2
Meanwhile, world famous TV personality Sally Jessy Raphael seeks out the expert opinion of her Human Behavior correspondent Patrick Wanis for her nationally syndicated radio show to learn what the real cause of Paris Hilton’s emotional problem is and what the solution is…


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