Phone Consultation Testimonial

Phone Consultation Testimonial

Phone Consultation Testimonial

This section is where you can put a testimonial about a session you have had with Patrick.  This can be either a phone consultation or a live one-on-one session.�

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    Passionate Ben says:

    Having the right mentor and coach in life, makes all the difference in the world. Napolean Hill states in Think and Grow Rich, how almost every successful person in every aspect of life got there by having a mastermind group of people. Everyone should have that.

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    Gillian says:

    I did 20 years of therapy, off and on, etc and finally got myself ready for the “right” therapist. I always use to say, “why doesn’t this stuff work”. Yesterday, I had a 30-45 minute session with Patrick and I realized afterwards, that I must have a belief that “I don’t deserve the “correct” therapy. hmm makes sense now. I had three issues I wanted to deal with with Patrick’s help, …1.making excellent money for me(I could do it for others, but not me),2. the right social/econ group of friends (heh, I’m lonely and only getting relationships of little value) and 3. my soulmate or love partner. Today, I had a thought..”I must believe, it’s hard to get my counterbalance or love of my life, or to get LOVE”. Also, “it’s hard to get good worthwhile friends”. hmmm This stuff sure isn’t hard when one get’s the right therapy. Patrick is “the right or correct” therapist…a true north..POLARIS.
    I trade foreign currency for a living…yes, I’m a money maker…and I have wanted to trade completely “in the zone” for a long time…now I’m clearing the junk to make “the zone” my home! This is sure alot easier than going to the wrong people and places for years.

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