The Psychology Of Hatred

The Psychology Of Hatred

The Psychology Of Hatred

In this week’s Success Newsletter, I would like to reveal the psychology and the poison of hatred.

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Now, let’s talk about the psychology and the poison of hatred.

In my newsletter, “6 Tips To Take Charge Of Your Own Mind And Overcome Fear” I revealed that the spate of terroristic acts is triggering fear in people across the globe. Further, the message that we must fear all people who are different to us is being expanded to include anyone who crosses the borders of our countries – immigrants, refugees and people who have different religious beliefs from our own.

In turn, fear leads to hatred, which leads to violence, murder and war. When fear and hatred overcome us, we lose.

Hatred is a deep and emotional extreme dislike directed at an object – person, group, religion or ideology. The hostility in hatred can drive oneself to extreme behaviors such as violence, murder, and war. Compassion and tolerance are the antidotes to fear and hatred.

Hatred is built on 4 components of thoughts and emotions:

  1.  The thought and belief that devalues the object/person/group
  2.  The perception of the object/person/group as a threat
  3.  The emotions of anger, fear, distress, and hostility
  4.  The thought and belief that we are justified in acting against and eliminating the object of our hate

Thus, hatred begins when we believe that an object/person/group is not valuable, insignificant, unworthy. Next, we become fearful of them believing that they are a threat to us or our survival. Next, we begin to devalue them, reducing or neutralizing their humanity and progressing to the belief that we must eradicate that person or group, and, reversing our moral code so that we believe that we are fully justified in doing so and it is our right to do so. Eventually, that behavior becomes accepted, normal and promoted.

For example, Palestinian children learn to hate Jews at school and Jewish radicals do the same with their children. Hatred can be and is taught and programmed. Review history and it becomes evident: the Germans were programmed to devalue Jews, view them as a threat and eradicate them as the right thing to do.

Terrorists are doing the same thing today: fanatical Islam terrorists devalue the “infidel” (non-believers) and live to eradicate them and are willing to die to do so.

The same occurred in the 11th century with a call by Pope Urban II, on November 26, 1095, to Christians for a “holy crusade” to “fight against the infidel” (Islamic non-believers in Christ) asking every Christian to also die and “make his vow to God to that effect and shall offer himself to Him as a living sacrifice.”  

“US white supremacists attack blacks; Jews kill Palestinians, and the latter blow themselves up in a Jerusalem restaurant full of Jewish diners; pro-abortion gynecologists have been murdered by anti-abortion fanatics; the genocides of Rwanda and Bosnia; the terrorist massacres in the USA of 11th September; the 11th March atrocities in Madrid…” – The Psychology of Hatred, 2013. José I. Navarro, Esperanza Marchena and Inmaculada Menacho, Department of Psychology, University of Cadiz, Spain

Today, various leaders, politicians and political candidates are reviving the call for impassioned hatred. They are asking us to disconnect & detach from other people different from us, to arouse passionate anger, to fear of them as a threat, and to commit to devaluing them as subhuman.

“Revenge is often taken against people who were not perpetrators of the original offense, provided that they belong to the perpetrator’s group.” – The Individual Psychology of Group  Hate. Willa Michener, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This article is not intended to negate the right to defend or protect oneself from imminent danger; it is, though, intended to promote awareness and learning to become immune to the brainwashing and mass hatred that is being spread, which robs us of the very enjoyment of life.

It is a choice to live freely or to live in fear, anger and hatred. Parents often focus on teaching their children compassion, tolerance and morality. However, as adults, without vigilance of our thoughts & emotions, we can succumb to the mass hatred that is being sold and, in turn, we can become just like the people we are being told to hate – angry, hostile and fearful of the enemy, the threat; willing to engage in violence, destroy property and kill the infidel.

Finally, note that once hatred enters your heart, it can quickly become the poison that infects all of your life – every area and aspect of your world. It is extremely difficult to eradicate hatred once it sets in, so begin now to become fully aware of how hatred develops via thoughts and emotions and, instead, choose your own thoughts and emotions – not those that are being promoted to you with the intention of only creating more violence and breeding more hatred for various motives of control and power.

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I wish you the best and remind you “Believe in yourself -You deserve the best!”

Patrick Wanis Ph.D.
Celebrity Life Coach, Human Behavior & Relationship Expert & SRTT Therapist

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