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Sacrificing 561 goats to cure cancer & AIDS? – Mahendra Trivedi

Sacrificing 561 goats to cure cancer & AIDS? - Mahendra Trivedi
Sacrificing 561 goats to cure cancer & AIDS? – Mahendra Trivedi

The man who claims to be able to cure cancer and AIDS sacrificed more than 500 goats in India.

Mahendra Trivedi claims to be a man with Divine powers – a spiritual guru from India and now based in the US, who also claims he can cure cancer. But in 2003, Mahendra Trivedi was sacrificing goats – 561 of them – and he was doing it on an annual basis for at least 8 years.

Does that mean he has sacrificed over 4,000 goats – slaughtered over 4,000 goats?

And why would a man who claims that he can cure terminal illnesses sacrifice goats?

“This program of sacrificing goats is solely for my own personal ceremony. I conduct this to enhance my spiritual powers to a higher level…I have been performing this kind of ceremony continuously for the last 8 years.” Mahendra Trivedi told a journalist from Aankhen magazine in 2003. (The translation of the Aankhan magazine article is included  in its entirety further below along with links to view and download scans of the original article in Hindi.)

The spiritual guru claimed that he also cures fatal diseases like AIDS.

Do spiritual gurus really need to kill 561 goats to enhance their spiritual powers?

And to whom is Mahendra Trivedi sacrificing the goats?

Which God asks a man to kill hundreds and thousands of goats in order to be granted so-called spiritual powers?

Which God says ‘in return for granting you special powers, you must kill helpless animals – hundreds and thousands of helpless animals; and you must do so on an annual basis to renew and replenish your powers’?

And if Mahendra Trivedi believes that he must slaughter and sacrifice hundreds of goats to enhance his spiritual powers, is he then still performing the same “personal ceremony” today in the US?

Is Mahendra Trivedi still killing and sacrificing goats in the US?

Mahendra Trivedi justified  to the Aanken magazine journalist the killing of 561 goats, claiming he must kill the goats to “enhance my spiritual powers”; but Trivedi’s various websites and promotional material claim that he was born with special gifts and they fail to reveal Trivedi’s sacrificing of hundreds of goats each year for at least 8 years.

“Mahendra Kumar Trivedi was born with an exceptional ability to change living and non-living matter with Energy Transmissions or'”blessings’ (focused intentional consciousness, called The Trivedi Effect™).”  and

Trivedi’s website states that he has three disciples – Dahryn Trivedi, Master Gopal and Alice Branton – whom now possess the same power as he does – The Trivedi Effect®, which he now claims is a “natural phenomenon”; does this mean that these people listed here have also engaged in goat sacrificing to enhance their spiritual powers?

Read the article in The Skeptics Dictonary which reveals the Trivedi Effect as an undocumented, unverified claim: 

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Update: Trivedi loses lawsuit against critic exposing his false claims: Highly-Dubious Spiritualist Making Highly-Dubious Claims Loses Highly-Dubious Defamation Lawsuit Against Critic

Below is the English translation of the article that appeared in the May 2003 issue of the Hindi magazine Aankhen.

Aankhen mag cover May 2003 Mahendra Trivedi thumb

Click here to view and download the the cover of the magazine article about Mahendra Trivedi and the sacrificing of goats in the  May 2003 issue of the Hindi magazine Aankhen.

Aankhen mag article May 2003 Mahendra Trivedi thumb

Click here to download the magazine article about Mahendra Trivedi and the sacrificing of goats in the  May 2003 issue of the Hindi magazine Aankhen.


National Monthly Magazine

May 2003

Article on p. 22 by Mr. Mustafa Hussein

Huge Uproar Due to Goat Sacrifice

More than 500 Goats Sacrificed

Recently, at the end of Navrati festival in the State of M.P., district of Neemach located at the far corner of the State, in the village of Bholiavaas at a desolate location around an empty house several air conditioned cars started gathering.  These cars would arrive at a particular time and park near the house.  First some goats would be taken out of first few cars and then a few people would enter the house.  After these persons had entered the house, the doors would be shut and a few hours later the same people would leave the house quietly.  This routine went on for 11 days without interruption and nobody would know about it.  Only a few villagers came to know that one spiritual guru from Mumbai had been sacrificing goats every day in the house.  When they became aware of this, the villagers were terrified and they stopped going in the vicinity of the house. In connection with this, when Aanken investigated, they found some shocking facts about the whole incident.  The spiritual guru, named Guru Mahendra Kumar Trivedi from Mumbai organized this ceremony in the presence of some of his devotees including some politicians, some Bollywood stars and some famous foreigners.  In this, many distinguished personalities including the President of the Maharashtra Congress Party[2], Mr. Ranjit Singh Deshmukh, was also present.  When there was huge turmoil in this area after this sacrificial ceremony, the correspondent of this magazine then spoke with the spiritual guru Mahendra Kumar Trivedi who said he “performs this kind of ceremony twice every year after both Navratris, and a lot of distinguished devotees of his participate in this and they come from all over the world, but they have nothing to do with the sacrificial programs. This program of sacrificing goats is solely for my own personal ceremony. I conduct this to enhance my spiritual powers to higher level. There are provisions for this ceremony in the religious scriptures like the Vedas, the Purans and Upanishads. I have been performing this kind of ceremony continuously for the last 8 years.  In the ceremony I just did recently, I sacrificed 51 goats each day.  Therefore in 11 days in total 561 goats were sacrificed.”

This spiritual guru also claims that during this ceremony the President of Maharashtra Congress Party plus one famous American businessman and one famous foreign doctor were also present.  When he was asked about why he had chosen this particular place, Neemach, for this ceremony, he replied, “My spiritual power dictated to me that this place has some kind of red soil which is most appropriate for this kind of ceremony.  Twice in a year in the state of Assam, there is a temple called Kamakhya temple, and in that I do the same sacrificial ceremony twice per year in which every day 108 goats are sacrificed.” The spiritual guru claimed that he also cures fatal diseases like AIDS.  In reply to another question he also claimed that he saved the life of the mother of the famous film heroine Mamta Kulkarni, and made her perfectly healthy.  He said that those to whom he gave new lives come to Neemach and participate in this ceremony. As the news of this sacrifice began to spread like wildfire in the neighborhood, everyone started talking about it.  The villagers in the neighborhood surrounding the house in which this ceremony was performed are in a panic.  They are terrified of this place.  They are the followers of Gayatri Pariwaar[3], and therefore the sacrifice of these goats has created fear in the villagers because this incident has hurt their inner core.  One villager Mr. Janki Lal Dhakar says this kind of ceremony in that area, and these air conditioned cars, and bringing those goats for sacrifice was a shocking incident.  The incident of sacrifice created a huge panic in the entire area. Another teacher in the village, Mr. Surajmal Mehta, says that the villagers are panicky and believe that something ill will happen to the village because of this ceremony, and therefore no one goes near that house.  This incident has made the spiritual guru and the chief of Maharashtra Congress the talk of the town.  People are also saying that Ranjit Singh Deshmukh was involved in all these things so that he will become the governor[4] of the state.   But, the spiritual guru Sri Trivedi says sooner or later he will become governor of the state but this has nothing to do with the sacrificial program.  “He came to Neemach for health reasons.”  But he also mentioned that when Mr. Deshmukh became his devotee, he was only a member of the local municipality, and now he is the Chief of the Congress Party, so it is all because of his (Trivedi’s) blessings.

It is clear from the statements of the spiritual guru that this ceremony was not an ordinary ceremony but it was performed to achieve a big purpose for which so many distinguished persons stayed in the town and no one came to know about it.  These people stayed in this town and kept their identity secret. Therefore, there remain many unanswered questions related to this incident.

PHOTO CAPTION:  Guru Mahendra Kumar Trived

[1] Aanken means “Eyes”

[2] This is the ruling party in India akin to US Republicans or Democratic parties

[3] A very popular non-violent sect in India and world-wide

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