Celebrities (The Rich and Famous) Reveal Their Secrets To Success

Celebrities (The Rich and Famous) Reveal Their Secrets To Success

Are the secrets to success truly universal?

Does the formula work for everyone and in every field regardless of race, background, gender, career or starting point? If you have read any of my books (such as “Get What You Want!”) or read my success newsletters or if you have listened to my audio books, podcasts and interviews then you will know that I teach that the key to success is a universal law that applies to everyone regardless of who you are. In other words, you have the power to create the life you want and to enjoy the success you have dreamed about. My words and teachings are supported and proven by the most successful people; Uma Pemmaraju sat down to interview celebrities for their secrets to success. Read on and find out what are the top ten lessons they teach…

Celebrities Share Secrets of Success

Originally published by Uma Pemmaraju

What do mega church pastor Joel Osteen, country superstar Martina McBride, multimillionaire entrepreneur Chris Gardner, comedienne Whoopi Goldberg, NBA superstar Dikembe Mutombo, and world-renowned flutist Sir James Galway all have in common?

They all believe that true success has nothing to do with luck. And all believe that if someone wants to change their life, they have the power to so.

Each have their own stories about overcoming adversity. Single mom Goldberg had to go on welfare to take care of her daughter. Gardner grew up in foster homes and spent time in jail before he became a successful entrepreneur, as depicted in the Hollywood film “The Pursuit of Happyness.” Did you know that Osteen only preached once in his life before taking over his father’s church, or that McBride sold T-shirts for Garth Brooks before hitting the big time?

All six sat down with FOX News to share their stories of success — reflections that are fascinating and inspiring.

Click here to see video of Sir James Galway | Whoopi Goldberg | Joel Osteen.

Here is a list of some of the common threads they share: lessons they picked up on their own personal journeys towards what they describe as happy and fulfilled lives.

1. How You Think Is Everything. — Learn to visualize success and not failure. The phrase “You are what you think” is a powerful idea. Don’t listen to the voices that are pulling you down — you can’t spend all your time trying to win over your critics. Run your own race.

2. It’s Not About the Money — Material things are the results of success, but are not success itself. It’s great having a nice home, a six-figure salary or luxury vacations, but success isn’t measured by the dollars. It’s measured by how satisfied you feel.

3. Goals, Goal, Goals — Remember that goals must be meaningful and personal; otherwise, you won’t be inspired to achieve them.

4. Great Expectations — For something desirable to happen, you must want the event to happen, firmly believing it will occur and expecting it to take place.

5. To Fail Is to Succeed — Failure pushes you to levels you never dreamed of, and can open doors you never thought possible. See failure as a life lesson for what works and what doesn’t.

6. Dream Big — Never be afraid to follow the dreams of your heart. It’s the fuel for success. Your dreams give you the energy and inspiration to aim for an authentic life.

7. Take Responsibility — Stop expecting things to just happen without action. You need to take action to reach your goals, without blaming others for bumps or setbacks you may find along the way. Own the choices you make: Be a victor, not a victim.

8. Positive, Not Negative — If you are passionate about your dreams and goals, you’re likely to attract people who will want to support and help you. Call on them when you need encouragement or guidance.

9. Never Stop Learning — Read books, take classes, take the time to learn all you can about things that excite, motivate or inspire you. Never lose that sense of wonder or curiosity when it comes to seeking more knowledge.

10. Belief in a Higher Power — Regardless of your religion, develop a strong sense of faith in God and have a daily attitude of gratitude for what you have in this life. Believe that there is a divine purpose to your life and know that there is power in prayer.

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    Doug says:

    Dear Patrick,

    Thank you for the advice! I love the affirmations, as well as your other psychological explainations regarding one’s relationship to money.

    I appreciate all the help you have given me (and I’m sure others are reading this).

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    Doug says:

    Dear Patrick,

    I have read your book, taken your advice, and have seen that it works!

    My background is in child psychology, but I also have a great desire for wealth, and your ideas put 2 and 2 together for me.
    GET INVOLVED IN CHARITIES – donate time and money to organizations that are meaningful to me.

    So, now I do, and now I see my monetary wealth, and certainly my inner joy, increasing.

    I just wanted to say thank you.

    You have literally changed my life.

    I give to charities now, and began volunteering.

    Any other advice?


    I know there is a fine line between:

    a) giving, EXPECTING to get back, and

    b) giving, but not expecting, yet KNOWING you will get back.

    I agree; it’s a very interesting concept; I really do have faith in karma, but this is still something I have to work on, and maybe need some help with…

    • Avatar
      Patrick Wanis says:

      most satisfying to me to hear and read that you read my book “The greatest money making secret of all time” and that you applied its teachings and principles and accordingly you reaped the rewards – you increased your wealth and inner joy! Well done.

      The additional advice I would give is to be clear that your ultimate goal is to change the way you perceive and feel about money – to see it as something that is not bigger than you, readily available, all around you, valuable, good, useful, significant and worthy of you. In other words, we are working to reprogram our beliefs and emotions around money. By practicing and learning to give, enjoying giving and feeling that there is an abundance of money, you are changing your subconscious beliefs around money and wealth. For example, if you lived by a lake of fresh, drinking water, you might take the water for granted but you would never have fear of sharing or giving the water to others, would you?

      I would also humbly recommend that you use my hypnosis CD/MP3 files: Be happy, rich and wealthy. The series of CDs help to reprogram your subconscious mind. The CD also focuses on the following affirmations as goals:

      I deserve money
      I deserve lots of money
      I enjoy money
      Money is good
      Money is fun
      Money is power
      Money is strength
      Money is security
      Money is stability
      Money gives me more choices and options
      Money makes me more confident
      Money allows me to do whatever I want
      Money is important
      Money is freedom
      Money makes life more enjoyable
      Money is easy to get
      I get rich by being me
      By being me I get rich
      I deserve to be rich because I add value to other people’s lives
      I am a generous giver and an excellent receiver
      I am truly grateful for all the money I have now
      I am a money magnet, thank you, thank you, thank you

      I would also like to share a story with you. Recently, I was on an extended trip to NY working with clients and a band on a reality TV show – Xtreme. I will talk about the band in a moment. Let me begin by saying I was staying in the financial district of New York – Wall Street to be exact. I was on the subway one day and asked a man for some directions. As we spoke he told me he was a stock broker. His perceptions around money were intriguing. He works with money on a grand scale and daily. He is accustomed to investing on a daily basis. He is heavily absorbed with money and works with tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars every day for numerous clients. He thinks of money in big terms and thinks of it growing and performing for him and his clients. He sees money as simple numbers not as a big, monster that can attack and hurt you. In other words, he sees himself as the chess player and the money as the pieces of chess. At no time, does the money control him. For most of us, the word money scares us or triggers fears and other negative emotions. Imagine if we could view money as water from a fresh, drinking lake or; money as a powerful river – plentiful, abundant, surging, overflowing – a constant stream….

      Now, I know that you read in my book, in the chapter: “What do you deserve?” about the power of our beliefs have about whether we deserve money and how much.

      “I mentioned earlier that deservedness is one of the three primary keys to being happy, rich and wealthy. What do you truly deserve? What do you believe you truly deserve?

      “There is a vast difference between what you consciously say you deserve and what you subconsciously believe you deserve. The key is what you subconsciously believe about you and your self-worth because that is what you are ready to receive!

      “I have termed this as the Law of Deservedness: You get only what you subconsciously believe you deserve! And if you get more, you will sabotage it or push it away.

      So, now I would like to relate the story of my experience coaching the band Xtreme for their reality show on Mun2: “Xtreme: On the Verge.” Danny and Steve are two extremely talented singers and performers. They have a ten-piece backup band. They are 23 years of age and grew up on the Bronx, each without a father, each barely getting by – accustomed to living with a couple of pairs of jeans and a couple of pairs of sneakers per year. Their manager, Ben DeJesus brought me in to work with the band (Danny and Steve) on camera to help reform their behavior and attitudes. Danny and Steve are constantly late for every appointment – TV recording (of their own show), radio interviews, business meetings, music recording and even live performances. On one occasion, they both missed their flight and it cost their manager over $10,000.00 in related expenses.

      I explained to Ben that Danny and Steve’s primary problem is that they had no father to give them grounding and foundation; no strong male role model to teach them discipline, maturity, manhood, accountability, responsibility and respect. Their mothers each did the best she could to raise children on her own; and Danny’s mother died when he was 17.

      In the first session, I also explained to Danny and Steve that they obviously do not value themselves because if they did, they would then value and respect others and show up early for appointments and apologize and redeem themselves when tripping up and making a mistake. Those words got Danny and Steve thinking about their real beliefs.

      But that is only step one. The next day, Ben called me up to thank me for the first session and I said to him, “Ben, I need to be open with you and I have not yet shared this with the guys but I will tell you first and then to them in person: Danny and Steve are subconsciously sabotaging themselves and their success. Subconsciously they do not think, feel or believe that they deserve this success; they are returning to their roots.”

      ‘That makes so much sense and explains what I couldn’t previously explain’, said Ben as if a light had just been switched on.

      I explained to Ben that “I have seen this with many famous and successful clients. They always find a way to sabotage their success and wealth. Look at Michael Vick. He went from a 140 million dollar contract to almost declaring bankruptcy after illegal gambling, dog fighting and killing dogs. He grew up poor, around gangs and hoodlums and he almost went straight back to there. And look at Britney Spears. Her life was spiraling down and out of control. And she only recovered when her dad stepped in to help and to work towards healing and resolving their relationship; her relationship with her dad was the primary cause of her problems. This is the same primary reason so many celebrities and rich people turn to drugs and alcohol. They simply don’t believe they deserve the success, fame, fortune and adulation. Deep down, they think they are impostors and they sabotage their success. It’s what I call the Law of Deservedness.”

      The next step with Xtreme will depend upon Danny and Steve – whether or not they truly want to change and enjoy and hold onto their success. Ben and I will be discussing doing more sessions with Danny and Steve once they have the greenlight for a second season of their reality show on Mun2: “Xtreme: On the Verge.”

      It’s important to understand another key point here. I do not subscribe to most of Sigmund Freud’s theories and principles because he believed that we are stuck – we are who we are and we cannot change. From personal experience and from professional experience, I can tell you that is not true. We can change and many of my clients have done so. One of the reasons Freud believed we could not change was because he didn’t know how to help people change. For example, he tried using hypnosis but he couldn’t master it so he gave up on it. Freud even believed that cocaine was an anti-depressant and would work as a panacea for many disorders; Freud was a cocaine user himself and one of his friends died from the cocaine that Freud had prescribed to him. My point here is that is contrary to the belief of many people – including the so-called experts, we are not victims, we are not helpless and we are not powerless; we all have the power within us to change!

      In summary and conclusion Doug, reread my book, and use my hypnosis CDs/MP3 files. Dig deep to ensure that you believe and feel that you deserve to be, do and have what you desire. And most of all, yes, give back, make a difference and add value to other people’s lives. That alone will guarantee prosperity and wealth of the mind and heart!

      All the best,

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