Spear surrenders her sons

Spear surrenders her sons

Spear surrenders her sons

By Hollie McKay

Fox News online

LOS ANGELES —  K-Fed’s master plan to gain full custody of his kids was successful Monday afternoon, and it seems Spears was either sedated or just very self-controlled when she heard the negative news.

According to an inside source, the “reformed rehabber” was totally emotionless and continued on her day-to-day duties after being informed that her sons would be residents of Fed-Ex. Spears had until 12 p.m. Wednesday to hand her baby boys over, but apparently the “Crazy” crooner has done so already.

X17 Online snapped the songstress taking Sean Preston and Jayden James thru the Carl’s Jr drive-thru for a fast-food fix Monday afternoon before handing them over to K-Fed’s bodyguard at a designated meeting point.An eyewitness said Spears was smiling, seemingly unaffected by the incident – and once again, it appears as though Brit Brit was driving (without a valid CA license?!)

However, many fear that the devastating news could be detrimental for the depressed diva once she comes to terms with what has happened.

“This bodes very badly for Britney, who is already very fragile emotionally. The potential complete loss of custody for Britney could shatter her fragile world,” said Patrick Wanis, Celebrity Life Coach and Human Behavior Expert. “The danger is that given that she has been living in denial of her problem and refusing to fully embrace help and therapy this latest development in her tragic story may simply result in her turning even more to drugs and alcohol to help her deaden her pain and hide her real issues…”

But don’t expect Britney to back down y’all. Pop Tarts has learned that another custody hearing has been scheduled for Wednesday. A rep for the pop princess recently told us that the allegations against Spears were unfounded and that she was an “excellent mother who always puts her children first.”Pop Tarts also spoke briefly to Britney’s former long-time manager Larry Rudolph who couldn’t “bring himself to discuss Britney” and her bad news, but made it clear that his thoughts are with his pop prodigy.

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