Patrick Wanis -first person to do Hypnotherapy on national TV

Patrick Wanis -first person to do Hypnotherapy on national TV

Patrick Wanis -first person to do Hypnotherapy on national TV

We received an email requesting clarification regarding the fact that Patrick Wanis is the first person ever to do Hypnotherapy on national television. Wendy wrote to say that a couple of  people have performed hypnosis on TV in the past, including the Montel show and David Letterman. Below is our response:

Hi Wendy,

Many people have done hypnosis on TV before –primarily for comedy and a few have used it for phobias. However, the work that Patrick does on Montel is: “not simply suggestion or commands nor NLP. I go deeper under hypnosis to uncover the root cause of the anger, indentifying the triggering event during childhood, release the emotions, identify what beliefs were taken on at the time, gain new understanding about the event – why it happened, understand that the event is now over, done with and in the past (the subconscious loops the event) forgive the people associated with the triggering event, express compassion for self and those people, and take on new beliefs about self, the world and life. Also, command or suggestion hypnosis will not clear the cause of the issue or block – it only works to try and remove the symptom. I do not do symptom removal – I always seek out the cause so that the client can get the real healing.” No one has done this process – hypnotherapy – hypnosis on national TV.

From personal experience the work that Patrick is doing, in terms of the process of hypnotherapy is unique and powerful: he has done it on me and the results were spectacular.

Many thanks and I will pass onto Patrick your best wishes and messages…


Also, if you saw the Montel show, Montel Williams pointed out on TV that the work that Patrick Wanis does is different from traditional hypnosis such as stop smoking.

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