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The 4-Part Formula To Happiness

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In this week’s Success Newsletter, I would like to like to reveal the 4-part formula to happiness.

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The 4-Part Formula To Happiness – It’s not what you think!

What is the one thing that makes you the most miserable?

What is the one thing that makes you the happiest?

Well, here is a study that might state the obvious, but if it does, then why aren’t we all listening and doing what makes us the happiest?

There are 4 things needed to make you happy. Yes, this is the 4-part formula to happiness.

“We find paid work is ranked lower than any of the other 39 activities individuals can report engaging in, with the exception of being sick in bed. Precisely how unhappy one is while working varies significantly with where you work; whether you are combining work with other activities; whether you are alone or with others; and the time of day or night you are working.”

– Susana Mourato and George MacKerron

Killers of The Formula To Happiness

British economists Susana Mourato and George MacKerron conducted research by pinging tens of thousands of people on their smartphones and collecting more than 3 million observations with simple questions such as: Who are you with? What are you doing? How happy are you?

What did they find?

Out of 40 activities, the top one that makes us the most miserable is being sick in bed, and second, is paid work. (Studying is less damaging to happiness than paid work!)

Yes, working at a job you don’t like and/or with people you don’t like makes you miserable.

Out of 27 leisure activities surveyed, social media is the very last in how much happiness it brings. In fact, when researchers paid participants to get off social media and actually socialize with people in person, they found people were happier and reported higher levels of wellbeing!

Boosters of The Formula To Happiness

What makes us all the happiest?


Sex, exercise and gardening. But no, that’s not the 4-part formula to happiness!

“On average, study participants are significantly and substantially happier outdoors in all green or natural habitat types than they are in urban environments… We find that individuals are happier in more scenic locations, even when we account for a range of factors such as the activity the individual was engaged in at the time, weather conditions and the income of local inhabitants.”

The 4-part formula to happiness:
Sex, Sunshine, Water and Love.

What the researchers found that a big boost to happiness comes from being with your romantic partner or friends. What about, though, if you are with colleagues, children or acquaintances? No, that doesn’t give you the big boost of happiness.

Weather – Sunshine
People complain when you complain that you are in a bad mood because of the weather. But on days when it is sunny and over 75 degrees, you get another huge boost of happiness!

Water and nature
What are the least happiest cities in the US – according to the survey? New York City, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco. What are the happiest places? All of Hawaii!

People reported that they are consistently happier when they are out in nature, wide open spaces and particularly when they are near a body of water and surrounded or immersed in scenic beauty.

Yes, sex – intimacy and lovemaking – turns out to give a huge boost in happiness!

Putting together the 4-part formula to happiness

Find your love or romantic partner, take her to an island, beach or a boat on the water; choose a sunny day when it is over 75 degrees, and spend the day making love! You’ll be so happy you did!

Notice the theme: connection to someone you love, connection to nature, and the expression of your body and sexuality.

If you are curious about the 40 activities listed in the survey, here they are. Remember, other questions were asked that resulted in the above listed findings.


Please tick all that apply

Just now, what were you doing?

[ ] Working, studying

[ ] In a meeting, seminar, class

[ ] Travelling, commuting

[ ] Cooking, preparing food

[ ] Housework, chores, DIY

[ ] Admin, finances, organising

[ ] Shopping, errands

[ ] Waiting, queueing

[ ] Childcare, playing with children

[ ] Pet care, playing with pets

[ ] Care or help for adults

[ ] Sleeping, resting, relaxing

[ ] Sick in bed

[ ] Meditating, religious activities

[ ] Washing, dressing, grooming

[ ] Intimacy, making love

[ ] Talking, chatting, socialising

[ ] Eating, snacking

[ ] Drinking tea/coffee

[ ] Drinking alcohol

[ ] Smoking

[ ] Texting, email, social media

[ ] Browsing the Internet

[ ] Watching TV, film

[ ] Listening to music

[ ] Listening to speech/podcast

[ ] Reading

[ ] Theatre, dance, concert

[ ] Exhibition, museum, library

[ ] Match, sporting event

[ ] Walking, hiking

[ ] Sports, running, exercise

[ ] Gardening, allotment

[ ] Birdwatching, nature watching

[ ] Hunting, fishing

[ ] Computer games, iPhone games

[ ] Other games, puzzles

[ ] Gambling, betting

[ ] Hobbies, arts, crafts

[ ] Singing, performing

[ ] Something else

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I wish you the best and remind you “Believe in yourself -You deserve the best!”

Patrick Wanis Ph.D.

Celebrity Life Coach, Human Behavior & Relationship Expert & SRTT Therapist

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