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The Evil In All Of Us – Virginia Tech Massacre, Holocaust, Abu Ghraib Prison, Idi Amin and Saddam Hussein

Holocaust victims - Jews in a concentration camp - The Evil in All Of Us
Holocaust victims - Jews in a concentration camp - The Evil in All Of Us
Holocaust victims – Jews in a concentration camp – The Evil in All Of Us

The Virginia Tech massacre, the Holocaust, atrocities at Abu Ghraib Prison, crimes against humanity by Idi Amin and Saddam Hussein –

All modern day examples of the unthinkable, and yet research reveals that every one of us is susceptible to committing evil. Is that true? Why? Is it the work of Satan the Devil or is there simply good and evil in all of us? Patrick Wanis speaks with Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Stanford University Philip Zimbardo who led the landmark 1971 Stanford Prison experiment which foretold and paralleled most of the torture that was to occur at Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq. Professor Zimbardo has authored over 50 books including “The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil” and “The Time Paradox.”

Andrew Kehoe, age 55, is the evil mastermind of the May 18, 1927, Bath School Disaster, a bombing that took the lives of 38 children as they attended class – 45 people were killed in total including himself and his wife, Nellie.

Patrick Wanis and Professor Zimbardo explore, examine and debate the psychology of evil and all aspects of evil and human behavior:

Evil and the human psyche; Motivations behind our fascination with evil and villains such as Batman’s “The Joker”; Dangers of power addiction; The tipping point that leads us do evil; Stress and evil; Dangers of de-individuation – losing our identity; Religion and evil – evil committed in the name of God; The holocaust, anti-Semitism, Jews informing on Jews, and extraordinary behavior by Jehovah’s Witnesses; How technology and the media unknowingly encourage violence, murder and evil; How being trapped in or fixated on moments of time can lead to hedonism, pain or violent acts; Gender differences with regards to violence and evil (can women be just as violent and evil as men?); Why men cheat – the link to power; the antidote to evil and; our deepest hidden human desire.

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