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The Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns of 2010

The Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns of 2010 - Jesse James at number 4. Photo: ABC Nightline Interview.
The Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns of 2010 - Jesse James at number 4. Photo: ABC Nightline Interview.
The Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns of 2010 – Jesse James at number 4. Photo: ABC Nightline Interview.

Illegal guns, drugs, addictions, domestic violence, cheating, drunkenness, fake divorces, breaking into banks, and grabbing a man’s crotch are just some of the really bad, bizarre and perverse behavior of the celebrities that made the 4th annual list of The Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns Of 2010 by Celebrity Life Coach and Human Behavior Expert, Patrick Wanis PhD.

“2009 was the worst year ever for celebrity bad behavior with Tiger Woods’ multiple affairs and Chris Brown’s assault on Rihanna but I warned it would only get worse, and unfortunately, my predictions came true in 2010”, say Wanis. “Even the celebrities that didn’t make the top 10 list, still engaged in shocking meltdowns, uncontrollable behavior and violence, such as New York Mets Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez who was arrested in August for punching his father-in-law in the team’s clubhouse or NBA player Lance Stephenson who was charged with assault for allegedly throwing his girlfriend down the stairs.”

“Sadly, society continues to be obsessed with worshipping and idolizing celebrities while many of them continue to expose themselves as the worst role models possible, engaging in the worst possible behavior and revealing that fame, fortune and power don’t guarantee you happiness or normalcy but guarantee misery, pain and suffering if you are not grounded and if you have repressed or unresolved issues” reveals Wanis.

When asked by FOX News Channel to explain the reasons that celebrity behavior continues to worsen, Patrick Wanis PhD revealed that morality is generally decaying and celebrities reflect that decay but at a more extreme level. “We also need to understand that today’s celebrities are often the result of bizarre behavior generated on TV reality shows and that less and less celebrities are being recognized for their artistic talent and contribution while more and more people are becoming famous for outrageous and immoral behavior such as recording sex tapes (Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, etc) or for being a mistress to a famous person (Michelle McGee with Jesse James or Rachel Uchitel with Tiger Woods.)”

Human Behavior Expert Patrick Wanis, PhD has compiled his fourth annual list of The Top Ten Celebrity Meltdowns of 2010 along with his expert insights into their antics and dangerous behavior. Can you guess the number 1 celebrity meltdown of 2010?

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up…

10. Bad rappers – guns, girls and money
Some of the biggest rappers got more than a bad rap this year – they got prison time!

Lil Wayne was sentenced to a year for criminal possession of a weapon, JaRule pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a gun (he could get 2 yrs in prison), D’angelo was arrested and charged with solicitation after asking a female undercover police officer for oral sex, and; Comedian/actor and rapper Katt Williams was forced by an Atlanta court to pay over half a million dollars to Merion Joseph Powers, a record producer after Williams allegedly unleashed his guard dog to attack Powers pooch to intimidate Powers as a way to get out of a debt. The poor pet suffered serious injuries and almost died.

This is the classic pattern of celebrity bad behavior – “The Fame Factor” – delusions of power, grandeur and denial – ‘I can do whatever I want and I am above the law.’

9. Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton
Washington Wizards Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton revealed that they thought that they are living in the days of the old Wild West when you resolve a dispute with a duel of guns. Arenas and Crittenton pleaded guilty to gun charges and were suspended without pay for the NBA season after bringing guns to the locker room following a dispute over a card game. Arenas who is a three time NBA All-Star, was setting a poor example as a father of three children.

8. Rip Torn
In the famous movie, “Men in Black” Rip Torn plays Zed, the chief of the agency that monitors aliens on earth but his real life behavior has been as bizarre as an alien. Rip Torn has a long history of alcohol abuse and driving while intoxicated, but this time the actor breaks into a bank, drunk with a revolver and then claims that he thought it was his home.

Torn was part of the team in Men in Black trying to save the world from being conquered by aliens, but off screen, in his own world, Torn still hasn’t conquered the alcohol and it continues to conquer him.

7. Paris Hilton
What do you do when the police find cocaine in your purse? Claim the purse isn’t yours and say that you simply borrowed it from a friend. And that’s exactly what Paris Hilton did when she was pulled over by police in Las Vegas and found with cocaine in her purse. But the stunt didn’t work and Paris who was jailed in 2007 for violating the terms of her drunk-driving probation, received 200 hours of community service, a substance abuse program and a 1-year suspended sentence.

Paris Hilton made it to no. 3 in the list of Top 20 celebrity meltdowns of 2007 but in 2011, she won’t be making it to some of the clubs in Las Vegas. Steve Wynn banned her from two of his resorts and several of his nightclubs. Paris Hilton hasn’t yet grown up to accept responsibility for herself and her actions and three years ago, I said she was emotionally stuck in her adolescence, and she gave an adolescent response when caught with the cocaine in her purse – “it’s not mine.” Paris tried to fool the world by claiming that she was reading the bible and telling Larry King a couple of years ago that she is going to change and do something positive and make a difference in the world. Paris Hilton is yet another example of someone who is not only narcissistic but fails to realize that fulfillment in life only comes from helping others and contributing and not from taking, taking and taking.

6. Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt
The Brits use the word “prat” to describe someone who is a major idiot and this year Spencer Pratt, labeled himself a “famewhore” while Heidi continued to become obsessed with plastic surgery.

2010 was a mess for Heidi who at one stage called the cops on her mother when she showed up to Heidi’s home unannounced. Heidi hasn’t yet forgiven her mom, claiming “She tore my heart out on national television.” But then Heidi and Spencer blew 10 million dollars on their lavish lifestyle and plastic surgery and it was time to find a way to make a quick buck or more. Heidi and Spencer announced they were getting divorced only to reveal a few months later it was all a career stunt to try to earn more money, thinking that Heidi would get more work and more publicity the way Sandra Bullock did when she divorced Jesse James.

Finally, Heidi also announced that she regrets all of the plastic surgery she has had (one time she had 10 procedures in one day.) Still very young, Heidi seems more than lost and confused, she has been swallowed up by the Hollywood pit and unable to find her real self and real value, she has fake boobs, a fake divorce and then renews her wedding vows calling her first wedding fake!

5. Andy Dick
Andy Dick, 45, has been displaying bizarre behavior for decades. One day in high school, Andy Dick dressed up as a superhero and presented himself as “Super dick” and ever since has been living up to that name and reputation with numerously shocking incidents: he dropped his pants and exposed himself while performing in a comedy club, he urinated in public and has groped various people even while on TV. In 2006, he licked the faces of Farrah Fawcett and Carrie Fisher and in 2008, he allegedly pulled down a 17-year-old girl’s bra to expose her breasts.

And in 2010, Dick was charged with sexual abuse – grabbing a bouncer’s crotch and a kissing and groping a second man at a club.

Although, Andy Dick was a client of Vh1’s “Sober House”, Dr. Drew wasn’t able to cure him of his problems with alcohol. Like many people who engage in wildly stupid, irrational and even criminal behavior, Dick still hasn’t gotten to the root of his problems – the subconscious motivation for his behavior. Andy Dick was probably a victim of childhood sexual abuse because he has a fascination and obsession with genitalia, along with a lot of anger and a deep desire to expose himself and grope and expose other people’s genitalia.

4. Jesse James
Jesse James, host of the reality TV show “Jesse James is a Dead Man” and “Monster Garage”, married America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, but broke her heart when it was revealed that he had cheated on her multiple times over 11 months with tattoo model and stripper Michelle “Bombshell” McGee while Bullock was on location filming The Blind Side. The public quickly expressed its deep sympathy for Sandra Bullock and its hatred for James after hearing her thank her husband while receiving the Academy Award for Best Actress and learning that he had been cheating on her with a stripper.

James only made things worse and received more criticism as he literally cried to the world on ABC Nightline, playing the victim claiming he had cheated because his father was abusive. Sandra Bullock quickly divorced Jesse James.

Jesse James’ real problem is that he has a low emotional IQ and is a narcissist seeking instant gratification with an overly inflated sense of self. In the ABC interview he said “I am the most hated man in the world” which reflects a grandiose and overly inflated sense of self. James sabotaged a good relationship with Sandra Bullock because he doesn’t subconsciously believe he deserves someone like Sandra Bullock – she’s not in his league and so he went back to his tribe – the people he feels are on his level – the tattooed strippers. Unfortunately, it is equally possible that Sandra didn’t feel that she deserved better than Jesse James, marrying someone who had previously been married to a stripper and porn actress.

3. Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay’s meltdowns and inability to take charge of her life have put her on the list of the top ten celebrity meltdowns 3 times out of the past 4 years. In 2007, Lindsay was no. 4. In 2009, she was no. 7 and in 2010, she has climbed her way to no. 3 as her behavior continues to simply get worse with her life in real danger.

Lindsay has now become more famous for her personal life and self-destructive behavior than for her talent as an actress. Her troubles fill up a long list – two DUIs, three visits to drug rehab centers, multiple appearances in court, jail time, losing film roles because of her drug and alcohol abuse and the latest, claims that she physically assaulted a worker at the Betty Ford Clinic less than two weeks before her scheduled release from the rehab clinic.

Many so-called experts believe that the key to breaking addictions is admitting you are an addict and then going into rehab, but Lindsay has done that before with no success. In 2007, Lindsay admitted that she is addicted to alcohol and drugs and set out to get help but it didn’t help her. She has been in rehab three times and is still under the control of substances and her negative emotions. Lindsay Lohan’s self-destructive behavior reveals that no one has thus far been able to help her; she is going to spend more than 50 thousand dollars in rehab until January 3, and she’s not going to come out any better unless someone deals with the real issues, and her real issues are the painful and dysfunctional relationships she has with her mother and father.

2. Charlie Sheen
He’s the bad boy of Hollywood and the public loves his bad boy ways – even if he is a wife beater. Charlie Sheen pleaded guilty to abusing his wife Christmas day last year and all he got was 30 days rehab. Sheen’s wife, Brooke Mueller says her husband Charlie Sheen sat on her, strangled her, and held a knife to her throat on Christmas day. Charlie Sheen was arrested on Christmas Day after Brooke Mueller, his third wife, told police he had pulled a knife on her and threatened to have her killed; Sheen pleaded guilty to misdemeanor third degree assault and could have gotten 3 years in jail but a judge sentenced Sheen to a 30-day jail term, and was ordered to undergo 36 hours of counseling on domestic violence.  Sheen received credit for time already spent in rehab and so he avoided any jail time.

In October, the bad boy got himself into more trouble when he was hospitalized after allegedly being high on cocaine, hiring a prostitute, and becoming enraged and trashing the suite at the Plaza hotel in New York. But the public continues to welcome Charlie Sheen since he plays on screen and off-screen the same person – someone that too many men would aspire to be – a womanizer and partier – an adolescent who still seems stuck around age 17, a wild and free rebel.

But unfortunately, while the TV public relishes his antics on “Two and a Half Men”, people ignore the fact that he has been violent towards women. Charlie Sheen’s history of mistreating women and patronizing prostitutes are signs of misogyny. When you’re violent toward women that means you have deep-seated rage and anger at women. Further when a man is paying a prostitute, it implies and signifies that he doesn’t respect women; he is lured by his desire for control and power; a man who abuses women, pays for their company and sexual services is a man who hates women and treats them as an object he controls, manipulates and despises. Sadly people ignore Charlie Sheen’s abuse of women and instead idolize his bad boy behavior; domestic violence is a serious issue – 300,000 women a year are abused in the US alone.

1. Mel Gibson & Oksana Grigorieva
Charlie Sheen could possibly hold the rank for the worst celebrity behavior of 2010 – particularly because he pleaded guilty and was convicted of assaulting his wife. But this list is about meltdowns – ego, stupidity, emotional breakdowns, bizarre and irrational behavior.

And therefore, Mel Gibson, academy award winner, movie director and actor, had the biggest meltdown of the year as millions of people around the world listened to the series of shocking, outrageous recordings of phone calls between Mel Gibson and his girlfriend & mother of his child, Oksana Grigorieva.

The series of secretly recorded phone calls reveals Gibson in racist, sexist rants towards his girlfriend, Oksana, demanding sex from her and telling her he will burn down the house afterwards. In one call, enraged Gibson threatens to kill Oksana and in another call, she claims he hit her and Gibson doesn’t deny it.

As the saga between them unfolded in the months following the phone calls, it was also revealed that Mel Gibson and Oksana are involved in a really bitter and almost vindictive custody battle which also involves a lot of money.

Mel and Oksana are the perfect example that two people can bring out the very worst in each other as the public also became suspicious about who actually secretly recorded and released the recordings and why Oksana who claimed she was afraid for her life and child’s life never went to the police and even sent love letters – emails to Mel despite their tumultuous relationship and claims of domestic violence. Bloggers went on to accuse Oksana of being a cold, calculating gold digger.

Mel has not been charged with abusing Oksana while Police continue to explore claims that Oksana tried to extort money from him to keep quiet, but Mel hasn’t yet overcome, released or neutralized his inner rage, anger, bigotry and racism which he most likely inherited from his father who minimizes the Holocaust and has said “look, I don’t believe that six million people could have died; there wasn’t enough gas in Germany.”

In his multiple meltdowns, Gibson screams as if he is possessed by a demon, sounding as if he is about to have an anxiety attack and hyperventilate. Mel has openly said that he commands and expects obedience but his problems go much deeper and he has had a drinking problem most of his life – he started drinking at age 13. During Lethal Weapon 2, the director said how shocked he was when he realized that Mel Gibson was drinking five pints of beer every morning – for breakfast.

To add to his woes, Hollywood has scorned Mel Gibson and some of the cast and crew of the film “Hangover 2” rebelled when Gibson was being considered for a cameo in the movie.

Mel Gibson ends the year and decade with the number one meltdown that involved every possible element – stupid, irresponsible, dangerous, bizarre and perverse behavior, along with rage, alcohol, racism, bigotry, domestic violence – and nearly all of it was recorded! The only way it could have been topped, is if the recorded phone calls were also videotaped!

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