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Tiger Woods – a sex addict?

Tiger Woods - a sex addict?
Tiger Woods - a sex addict?
Tiger Woods – a sex addict?

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The following is a transcript of Russ Morley, host of 850 WFTL radio interviewing Celebrity Life Coach and Human Behavior Expert, Patrick Wanis Ph.D. about Tiger Woods,  who has admitted to transgressions that are now reported to be multiple affairs; betrayal on a giant level with possibly 11 mistresses.

Good Morning on the WFTL Morning News. Now here’s your host, Russ Morley.

Male Speaker: Hey, this is Tiger. My wife went through my phone.

Male Speaker: What is the story? How does Tiger tell it?

Female Speaker: What do we know about this accident?

Male Speaker: What kind of charges could he face?

Male Speaker: And there are a lot of intriguing questions.

Male Speaker: Was he driving under the influence?

Male Speaker: I’m human and not perfect. What does that mean?


Russ Morley:              Okay, one mistress, maybe two. Okay, three would give in but 11. And most of them considered to be a little – how can I put this politically correct? I don’t know. Maybe unsavory? A couple of porn stars in there. You have to ask your self if there’s more than libido or what Austin Powers calls mojo at work here this morning. Tiger Woods list of paramour is now up to 11 with a second porn star New York Post reports that Veronica Siwik-Daniels also known as Joslyn James was linked to Tiger Woods. What the heck is going on here?

Let’s talk to somebody who knows about this sort of thing. He is a celebrity life coach, human behavior expert and a Miami psychologist. To Dr. Patrick Wanis, coming us to live this morning from Australia, good morning, Dr. Wanis.

Patrick Wanis: Yes, good morning, Russ. How are you?

Russ Morley: Good. Are you on vacation or you working down under?

Patrick Wanis: Well, right now for you, I’m working but yes I am holidaying.

Russ Morley:              Well, very good. Well, thanks for taking some time out of your schedule for us. Now, you followed the story. Is it making as many headlines in Australia as it is here in the U.S?

Patrick Wanis: It is big news everywhere. Obviously, it’s also big in Australia because of the link with the woman that was supposed to be in the Melbourne casino here in Australia. So, yes, it’s just as big here as it is in the U.S.

Russ Morley: Alright then. Did you see a sex addict profile here? What is a sex addict profile?

Patrick Wanis: You know, the actual term addiction usually refers to more of a medical term but today, we’re using the term addiction in the sense of someone who loses control over a habit. So, if it’s a substance or if it’s a computer or if it’s shopping or if it’s sex and it doesn’t necessarily have a neurobiological origin but it can have a psychological origin and even though it’s detrimental, you continue to engage in the habit, even though you know it’s bad for you and you cannot stop it. And then, at that point, it begins to take over your life. I don’t know that I would classify this as addiction for a number of reasons.

First, we can’t really confirm all these women were mistresses because any woman could come out right now and say, “Oh, I’m a mistress of Tiger Woods,” and there’s no way to prove it. We don’t know that that porn actress has actually had sex with him. She’s just saying that she has had sex with him, unless Tiger Woods can come out and shut every single woman up who claims that she has had sex with him. And there’s no way to verify it. So that’s point number one.

Number two, for it to be an addiction means that it would be completely overpowering his life and it’s not because over this period of a couple of years of alleged affairs and sexual trysts, he has still been performing really well off bed and on the greens. So, it can’t be an addiction in the sense that it has completely overtaken his life. Could it be an obsession? Yes. Could it be compulsive? Possibly.

But I want to add something also, Russ, that’s going to really interest everyone listening right now. Tiger Woods’ parents and Michael Jordan believed that Tiger Woods is the chosen one, that God sent him here and that he was going to change humanity and that his purpose was greater than just being on the golf course and that’s even Michael Jordan who said the same thing. And unfortunately, that fits into this whole image that we created around him and he partially fit into that because he has also said in his own words that he was happy to be a role model for youth. And what I’m referring to is the way we put celebrities, sport stars, athletes, anyone whose name we hear a lot about, we put them on a pedestal and we think, “Oh, they’re above us.”

Now, admittedly, he has got two young children. He said very much that he’s about family. But he’s still a human being and he has been living the life of a rock star. And what I mean by that is: giving into groupies. Russ, I don’t know if everyone listening right now understands this but when you are rich, when you are powerful, when you are famous, when you’re attending Vegas and the nightclub openings and all these other huge gala events, there are always women there who are ready, willing and able to throw themselves at you and they will. Number one, because in the words of Henry Kissinger and I’ve said this before in your program.

Russ Morley: Yes.

Patrick Wanis: “The greatest aphrodisiac is power.” And Henry Kissinger would know because he sure as heck wasn’t good-looking. But the point is that …

Russ Morley: True.

Patrick Wanis: There is temptation every day. Now in terms of what – is happening within his marriage, I don’t know. We know that his father passed away a few years ago. What effect did that have on him? Is there a cultural gap between him and his European wife? Possibly. But this guy is also traveling most of the time and he’s away from his children. Given that both his children are very, very young, I think the oldest is about two years and the next one is under a year, there’s a good chance that his wife wasn’t interested in sex over the last couple of years but that doesn’t mean he should go and have lots of sexual trysts.

Russ Morley:              Well, that’s true too but you’re getting a little Dr. Laura on us there, Patrick. But, I appreciate your time this morning. We’re out of time here this morning. Dr. Patrick Wanis live this morning from Australia. If you want to read more about him, he’ll be back in the States your not-too-distant future., you spell his last name W-A-N-I-S. Always great to have him on here this morning.

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