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Tiger Woods – God complex or inferiority complex?

Tiger Woods - God complex or inferiority complex
Tiger Woods - God complex or inferiority complex
Tiger Woods – God complex or inferiority complex

Celebrity Life Coach and Human Behavior Expert, Patrick Wanis Ph.D. about Tiger Woods scandal of sexual betrayal and cheating.

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Jamie Jungers:  Yes, he’d flew me in and we’re dinging off. He got a phone call from his mother. His father wasn’t doing very well and he left for a couple of hours to go see him. And, came home later on that night; we make love on his bed and then around 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning, there was a phone call that his father passed away. So, I was extremely devastated and I know he was, too.

Russ Morley: In bed with mistress Jamie Jungers, the night his father died. Interesting. Let’s look back at some things Tiger has told the media in the past, one of those was how hurt he was when he learned his father had cheated on this beloved mother. So, like father like son? Joining us this morning is celebrity life coach, human behavior expert and shrink of the stars, Dr. Patrick Wanis. Dr. Wanis, good morning. You had a whirlwind tour. You’ve been in Australia and then Los Angeles for the past week. Did I see you on Extra just the other day?

Dr. Wanis: I was taping some interviews with Extra, a very long interview around Tiger Woods and then we taped some segments for some upcoming shows that you’ll see in January and February.

Russ Morley: This is pretty rough stuff. Now, we’re finding out more about him. By the way, that’s mistress number 5 and, yes, I do have a program. Jamie Jungers, she’s the 26 year old former employee of Trashy Girls Lingerie, the one he met in Las Vegas who had flown into Florida for the week with his father been ill and was in bed with her the night that the father died. But, I’d read some things about Tiger that said, “He was really devastated – really hurt when he found out that his father, at one point in time, had cheated on his mother.” Wouldn’t you think normally, Doc, that that was something he’d stay away from? He’d be very conscious about that?

Dr. Wanis: I’ll use the example of Chris Brown. We, all, know that Chris Brown assaulted his girlfriend, Rihanna. Are you also aware that he had a lot of resenment towards his father because his father was abusive? So, Chris Brown ended up doing what most people do and that’s copying your parents’ behavior. So, there’s always the chance that sometimes we end up engaging in the very behavior that we hate.

So, for a child like Chris Brown again, Chris Brown sees his father being abusive and consciously, he says, “Look, I never had want to be like that,” but he ends up being like that because he ends up copying his father not realizing that he’s taking on that trait, because as children, we learn by copying what we see our parents doing by listening to what they say and third by the things we experience.

So, yes, there’s a possibility that he unknowingly, subconsciously imitated his father, but I want to add something else to this.

Russ Morley: Okay.

Dr. Wanis: Using the example again of another celebrity. We, all, know who Ron Wood is – guitarist for the Rolling Stones. A few months ago, his wife divorced him and he had to pay out 6 million pounds and she divorced him on the grounds of adultery. Ron Wood, age 62, has a 21 year old girlfriend called Ekaterina. So, let me ask you this question, I know we’re not surprised by Ron Wood. If Tiger Woods was a rock star, would we be as shocked and as obsessed with this story as we are right now?

Russ Morley: Absolutely not.

Dr. Wanis: Right. Here’s the point. Here’s the difference. We think that a squeaky clean sport like golf and a golfer who had a squeaky clean image like Tiger Woods equals squeaky clean behavior. It doesn’t because a rock star and even someone like Tiger Woods have a lot in common. A rock star and other celebrities have a lot of power, a lot of opportunity, a lot of temptation, and that leads to ego, it leads to delusions of grandeur, it leads to a sense of entitlement, it leads to a sense of invincibility. So, we have that in place.

Then, of course, whereas the next thing we have is his own personal issues. I don’t know what his relationship with his mother was. I don’t know what else he experienced.

Russ Morley: Well, he’s building her a huge home in Jupiter, Florida. I mean, it’s like a 5 acre, 26,000 square foot sprawling mansion.

Dr. Wanis: Yes, it’s like about $39 million dollars worth, so it’s definitely pretty big, but that’s not the only thing. My point here is, he conquered the sport, he became the world’s richest athlete, he eclipsed Michael Jordan in terms of endorsements, so he was making about a $110 million dollars a year in endorsements. He’s one of the best golfers of all time. Does he believe that he’s really that good? Is he engaging in self sabotage? Is he doubting himself? And, on top of that, is he then saying, “Well, what can I conquer next?” Then, you have to ask yourself, “What is his real fear? Why does a man who has a 2½ year old child and a 10 month old baby shirk his responsibility and spent more time and more energy and more effort with all these other women?

Russ Morley: You know, the thing of it is, Patrick, many of us were saying when this first came out, he did a great job in keeping this hidden. Well, apparently, he didn’t. Orlando Sentinel has a story about Club 23 which is a place he frequented in Orlando and they said he was there on a regular basis openly flirting with women, taking them to little private rooms there, and you mentioned self-sabotage, it seems like he had a divorce death wish.

Dr. Wanis: That’s part of it because he obviously wasn’t trying to sabotage his career, but maybe he was trying to sabotage his relationship and they are two different things. Also, when he was 25 and I know this for a fact because I know the person involved, right about that age, he used to hang out with Michael Jordan and a lot of others, and he used to frequent Atlantis in the Bahamas, the huge resort.

Russ Morley: It’s a magnificent place, yes.

Dr. Wanis: I can tell you for a fact that he sent someone over to an older woman who was about 40 wanting to engage in sex with her and the person that went over, on behalf of Tiger and said he [Tiger] was very inexperienced, he wants to gain more experience and that’s why he wants to be with an older woman. That’s number one.

Number two, I can tell you, again through other personal connection, that prior to being married, he also had the same problem. This is not something that started in the last couple of years. He was a womanizer and so, obviously, his wife said to him, you know, “Guarantee me that you’re going to change,” and he says, “Yes.” And, being a typical woman, she doesn’t wait to see that his actions and behavior change. She falls in love with his potential; that means the potential that his behavior will change to become a faithful, loyal monogamist and he doesn’t. So, that’s another mistake that was made.

Russ Morley: Patrick, hang on a second. Hold the thought right there. We’re going to pick this up, play a couple of commercials as some traffic come right back here. Dr. Patrick Wanis, celebrity life coach and behavior expert back from a long trek around the world, back in Miami this morning and talking to us on News Talk 850 WFTL.

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Interviewer speaking to Tiger Woods: I want to talk to your basic values. It’s interesting. In every interview, I’ve seen, it is family first and golf second. Always be like that?

Tiger Woods: Always, always.

Russ Morley: That’s an interview with a kiwi broadcaster right there. Patrick Wanis, that’s the difference between Ron Wood and Tiger Woods, I think, and why are so many people are piling on him is because that he put himself out there. He said, “I’m a family man. I’m a family first kind of guy. I’m a dad first and everything else is second. Golf and everything else is second.” So, he was such a hypocrite.

Dr. Wanis: Yes, he did sell himself as a family man and he did also start a foundation, and he did accept and agree to the fact that he was becoming a role model for youth. So, I agree with you a 100% I think that, again, we had this expectation that he was living this clean life unknowing because everyone  either respected him and so they didn’t let it all out about what his real behavior was, so I think that played to be a part of it. I think his father contributed to this to a certain extent when in 1996, he told the media that he believed his son was “the Chosen One; oh, yes. Tiger Woods has been sent here by God. He’s going to do big things on this Earth for humanity. He’s going be bigger than the Dalai Lama and Gandhi.” That’s what his father said. Now, if his father was saying that to the public, what is he teaching and telling his son from a young age? Did he give him this God-like complex? I don’t know.

The other point about him (Tiger Woods) being with a woman and having an affair the time that his father died is: was he aware that his father was dying or did he just happen to be there? If he’d been on the greens when his father died, would we have said the same thing? I think that this is a case where he’s engaging, in many ways, in typical celebrity behavior and yes, he was definitely being a hypocrite. He definitely has a problem, but what is the real problem? I don’t see it as a chemical addiction in the sense of he has no control over the sex, I think it’s the combination of – that deep down he doesn’t feel he’s good enough. He has multi-ethnic origin or background, so does he have a belief that he’s not good enough because he has Asian and Black in him? I don’t know because I haven’t sat down with him, but I promise you, it is a lot deeper than what we think. But, I don’t think it’s the case of a chemical addiction in the sense he’s sexually addicted and I think that his father did play a role in it and I don’t know what his relationship was with his mother.

I got to say this before we finish up, Russ: when a man sometimes sleeps as many women as this guy does and doesn’t have a good intimate relationship with his wife, there’s a possibility that he’s a misogynist, that he hates women because he didn’t get the love or affection or something that he wanted in his childhood, and therefore, he tends to use women or he also has some other deep insecurity and he can’t become emotionally intimate and commit to one woman because when you’re running around with so many other women, it’s easy for you to hide your real self from the one person who would know you, which is your wife.

Russ Morley: You, you, you, you’re good, you. You, you, you’re good. Dr. Patrick Wanis, this morning’s celebrity life coach human behavior expert, – W-A-N-I-S is his website and we always appreciate having you on, Dr. Wanis. Have a great day.

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