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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes’ Divorce – Clashing Values Over Children

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes' Divorce - Clashing Values Over Children - Patrick Wanis


Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes' Divorce - Clashing Values Over Children
Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes’ Divorce – Clashing Values Over Children

“It’s one of the major causes of arguments in a marriage – how to raise the children. And now, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes might be the most famous example of how clashing values always result in divorce” according to Los Angeles based Human Behavior & Relationship Expert, Patrick Wanis PhD.

“Katie Holmes is Catholic and Tom Cruise is a major proponent for the Church of Scientology. And it’s been rumored that Katie is divorcing Tom to protect their daughter Suri from being sent off to an intensive Scientology camp” says Dr. Wanis. “Relationships change after children enter the picture with less time for sex and each other, but as new research reveals, the major arguments begin over how the children should be raised.”

“In fact, an interesting census of British parents was released today by parenting website revealing that the number one cause of arguments is not money but rather children – sixty-one percent of arguments are about parenting style.”

“Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ differences about the way their child should be raised is a very common problem amongst parents” says Wanis. “Parents often clash about the discipline, education, clothing, and religion of their children.”

“The new survey reveals that men are more likely than women to argue with their partners about parenting styles. Thus, it’s critical that parents share the same core values and be united about how the child will be raised. If not, the marriage suffers and then the children ultimately suffer when the family breaks up and the parents divorce” says Dr. Wanis.

“I believe a happy marriage must begin with the same core values and compatible personality types, communication styles, conflict-resolution styles and religious beliefs. When the spouses begin by putting their love and marriage first, and establishing the same vision for the children, then the marriage can evolve and grow as a happy, loving relationship offering the security of a great role model and foundation for the children. That’s what was missing in Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ marriage, and Suri, their daughter, will now suffer from a broken family” concludes Dr. Wanis.

Potential Talking Points

  • Three key causes of arguments in marriages – children, money and sex
  • Significance of core values in a marriage and relationships
  •’s survey results – children change the marriage
  • Celebrity parents face greater pressure because of public opinion and public image
  • Parents need to focus on the health of their marriage first which then creates a healthy child
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