What Does It Really Mean To Be Feminine? Audio

What Does It Really Mean To Be Feminine? Photo: Honey Larochelle "The Yes Feeling" Album

What Does It Really Mean To Be Feminine? Photo: Honey Larochelle “The Yes Feeling” Album

The feminist movement was a direct response and reaction to patriarchy, but now even many years later, femininity is seen as a threat to feminism.


Human Behavior Expert, Dr. Patrick Wanis answers questions by Christelyn D. Karazin, Co-Author of “Swirling: How to Date, Mate & Relate, Mixing Race, Culture and Creed” and Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Beyond Black & White (BB&W) – Beyond Black & White

Dr. Wanis recorded a thorough and enlightening response to Christelyn Karazin’s questions about femininity and at her specific request, the entire unedited audio is being made available to the public.

Some questions Dr. Wanis answers in detail:

“Why is it so difficult for women to have a discussion about femininity without feeling weak?

By and large, most men prefer feminine women, which can often be a challenge because it often involves the idea of submission. Many black women have not had the luxury being “girly,” like white women have, but I find that they often desire that but have no idea how to do it. Any advice for them?”

Human Behavior Expert, Dr. Patrick Wanis also explains in clear and simple terms the differences between masculine and feminine energy as well as the differences between surrender and submission. Some of the things Dr. Wanis reveals in this audio recording:

  • Why women have inner conflicts with their femininity
  • The fear of traditional gender roles
  • The real reason women should express their femininity (and it’s not to catch a man)
  • The single secret for a woman to be able to express her femininity without giving away her power or being controlled by the man
  • Women do at times need to express masculinity and explains how to know what that right time is
  • Why women have such power over men
  • Men need the emotional support and appreciation of their partner

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Click below to listen to the interview


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