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Why Politicians Cheat

Why Politicians Cheat
Why Politicians Cheat
Why Politicians Cheat

Cheating politicians and political sex scandals and are not recent phenomena. In 1963, British politician John Profumo resigned after admitting to an affair with a prostitute; in 1974, United States Rep. Wilbur D. Mills suffered his downfall after a scandal involving an exotic dancer; In 1999, US President Bill Clinton is impeached and later acquitted following false testimony about having sexual relations with an intern and; in 2009, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford admits he cheated on his wife and disappeared from the United States for seven days to Argentina to visit his mistress. The list of politicians who have cheated on their wife or committed some sexual act that resulted in a sex scandal is a long one. (You can also read the long and detailed list by Patrick Wanis PhD on his blog.)

Russ Morley, host of the morning show on News/Talk 850 WFTL interviews Human Behavior & Relationship Expert Patrick Wanis, PhD for insights into the reasons why so many politicians cheat. Do politicians cheat more than sports stars or pop & rock stars? Do Republican politicians cheat more than Democrats? Is cheating the result of or even caused by power, opportunity, narcissism, lack of discipline & self-control, false sense of invincibility, delusions of grandeur, corroding relationships, lack of sex within the relationship or something else?

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Click below to listen to the interview.

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