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Accountability & Responsibility

Accountability and responsibility

In this week’s Success Newsletter, I would like to reveal the significance of accountability and responsibility and their link with stress in your life.

First a quick update:

“Dad plays a role in teen girls’ behavior”
Read what I reveal about what dads should do in the St Petersburg Times newspaper, here. 

Check out Cosmo magazine September and November issues in the Guy Spy section where I reveal what guys say and what they really mean.

Over the past two success newsletters, I listed eight steps to lower and remove stress in your life (from my brand new live 3 CD set: “Secrets to losing weight, being thin and loving your body”):

  1. Simplify – determine what the priorities in your life are and what is unnecessary
  2. Change your perception – view life as exciting and challenging
  3. Stop trying to be right, stop trying to control and change, and stop seeking the approval of other people
  4. Know what you want
  5. Engage in regular physical exercise
  6. Create time for mental and emotional relaxation
  7. Take the weekends off. Take a vacation
  8. Eat healthy food.

Due to the overwhelming response and request for more help with stress, here are just a few general pointers to assist you, again taken from my live 3 CD set:

“Fix those broken things around the house, the office or the car. Why? Every time you walk past them, there is a message being sent to your subconscious that it’s broken or needs fixing and it adds to your stress level as something that has been neglected.

Throughout your life, be accountable and responsible. Once you take charge and say, ‘I’m responsible, I’m accountable’, you’ll feel more in control of your life and you’ll have greater confidence. The dictionary defines responsible as “chargeable, as the author, cause or occasion of something.” In other words, you’re the cause. You’re responsible for who you are and how you choose to live your life. Your weight, your health, your body shape is in your hands; it’s your responsibility. It’s not the people that make the junk food – it’s not the people that even entice you with the junk food. It’s your responsibility. It’s not the weather that determines whether you get out today and do some exercise or not. It’s not that person that hurt you or hounded you that will determine whether you forgive them and let go of those painful negative emotions that exist within you.

In other words, your life is in your hands. I’d like to use the example of a client of mine –a woman in her mid fifties who lost her husband just three years prior and has adult children. And what she said to me was that she felt that her adult children are responsible for her happiness now. Through the work that we did, I was able to help her to subconsciously realize that only she is responsible for her happiness, that only she can write, create and cause her happiness. At that point, she had a tremendous turnaround and overcame her depression. Why? She no longer was she playing the role of the helpless victim.

You see, if I say to you, ‘You’re responsible for my happiness’, then I have no power: I become a victim to the decisions that you make; I’m weak, I’m helpless, I’m powerless; I am in your control, under your control; I’m letting you decide today whether you’ll make me happy or not. But when I say ‘No’, then I decide whether I’m happy or not and my power returns to me. Now I feel empowered. Now I feel in control. I’m not depending on anyone or anything outside of me to determine how I am going to feel today. My power comes from within and is not determined by things and people outside of me. So again, be accountable and be responsible for everything in your life. And I’m not saying that being accountable or responsible is the same as blaming yourself. No. Don’t make emotional or harsh judgment or criticisms. Simply make the choice and the decision that from now on, you will take the following action.

Next: Stop procrastinating. In my hypnosis CD, “Be Happy, Rich and Wealthy”, I implant a powerful subconscious motto: “Do it now”.

And the last pointer: Use my hypnosis CDs every day. We waste so much time watching negative stuff on the TV, on the internet, in magazines, newspapers and in gossip. ‘Negative stuff’ is anything that takes you away from your goals, your dreams and your passion. Negative stuff is anything that does not empower you. Negative stuff is anything that makes you look at life with tainted glasses. Stop taking in the negative stuff, stop allowing yourself to be programmed by everyone around you and start programming yourself with positive stuff, positive messages, positive goals and positive vision. Use my hypnosis CDs daily to change the way you think and feel about yourself and the world around you.  And choose now to surround yourself with people who believe in you, support you and want success for you.”

From my live 3 CD set: Secrets to losing weight, being thin and loving your body.”  

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I wish you the best and remind you “Believe in yourself -You deserve the best!”

Patrick Wanis Ph.D.
Celebrity Life Coach, Human Behavior & Relationship Expert & Clinical Hypnotherapist


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