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America’s Decline – Morality & Celebrities

America's Decline - Morality & Celebrities

America's Decline - Morality & Celebrities“This country is in a mess…it is going down the tubes. People are lost…People are giving up” says media personality, journalist and show host, May Lee. She says Americans could learn a lot from the Asian work ethic and morality.

May Lee interviews Human Behavior Expert Patrick Wanis PhD about what is going wrong in the US right now. Wanis asserts that the perceived decline in the US is primarily and directly due to the overall breakdown in morality. Wanis says that for centuries, our common and even individual morality and ethics primarily came from religion but today, as many people have moved away from religious teachings, they also moved away from moral and ethical codes, and instead society is now rewarding bad celebrity behavior:

New York Governor Elliot Spitzer was exposed in a prostitution scandal and he later went on to host a show on CNN; Ashley Alexandra Dupré – the call girl/prostitute to Spitzer was rewarded with a column in the New York Post; Lindsay Lohan continues to be celebrated despite being sentenced to jail five times in four years and; Rachel Uchitel – one of Tiger Wood’s mistresses became a celebrity – “Uchitel was a cast member in the fourth season of the VH1 reality television program Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, which documents notable persons being treated for substance abuse. Dr. Drew Pinsky, who normally is not involved with casting for the series, reportedly visited Uchitel personally in order to convince her to be cast on the show, for which she was paid $500,000 to appear, which is double the amount initially offered to her by producers.” (Source: Wikipedia🙂

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Click below to listen to May  Lee interview Dr. Patrick Wanis

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