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Racism And Misogyny Interview Audio By Patrick Wanis

Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen, Lawrence Taylor - Racism & Misogyny


Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen, Lawrence Taylor - Racism & Misogyny
Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen, Lawrence Taylor – Racism & Misogyny

In a contentious interview on Good Morning America, Robin Roberts asks singer Chris Brown about the assault on Rihanna and the restraining order. Subsequently, Chris Brown allegedly became violent in his dressing room, threw an object at a window smashing it, took off his shirt and after several angry confrontations with show staff and security, left the building shirtless. Following the incident Brown sent a message on Twitter “I’m so over people bring this past s**t up!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for [their] bullsh**t.”

Is Chris Brown right?

The media continues to hound Chris Brown for assaulting Rihanna while Charlie Sheen still remains the golden boy even though he, too, assaulted a woman. Rolling Stone magazine in April 2011 issue refers to Charlie Sheen as being American as pie; Nancy Grace on CNN attacks NFL hall of famer, Lawrence Taylor for admitting in 2004 to often using 6 prostitutes a day but did she offer the same criticism to Charlie Sheen for the same behavior? Is racism an element in the different treatment by the media towards Brown and Sheen? Does the media give free passes to misogynists as long as they are rich and powerful; Lawrence Taylor who was sentenced to six years’ probation after pleading guilty to sexual misconduct and patronizing and underage prostitute openly and unashamedly said on FOX News with Sheppard Smith openly stated he uses prostitutes because he doesn’t want to deal with women’s feelings and emotions.

Jim Peake of interviews Human Behavior Expert Patrick Wanis PhD about our biases towards celebrities and violence against women, and why we give Charlie Sheen a free pass while being tough on Chris Brown. Patrick Wanis PhD also reveals that we are sold and persuaded by people who are passionate and arrogant in their conviction. Wanis also says that Chris Brown was completely wrong in his response to the interview but also questions why Robin Roberts touched Brown on his knee during the interview – a body language sign of condescension, authority or over familiarity on the part of Robin Roberts towards Chris Brown.

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