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Brainwashing & cults – the need for significance and purpose

Brainwashing & cults - the need for significance and purpose
Brainwashing & cults - the need for significance and purpose
Brainwashing & cults – the need for significance and purpose – Children of God

The following is Part Two of an expanded transcript of a detailed and in-depth interview Patrick Wanis PhD Human Behavior Expert gave to Michele Morrisette with  about gurus, cults and brainwashing. Here Patrick Wanis reveals the fourth key human emotional need – first two are Love & Connection, Challenges and Security – and explains how they relate to being brainwashed or led into a cult. Click here for previous part of the interview, Part One:

Patrick Wanis: The next key human emotional need (first three are Love & Connection, Challenges and Security), and this is probably the most important one: Significance.

Do I feel significant? Do I feel important? Do I feel that someone actually needs me? So, sometimes people will become part of a group, a part of a church, a part of a gathering, a part of a cult because it makes them feel significant.

On a more relatable level, why do kids get in gangs? We think, well, they’re getting in gangs and they’re committing acts of crime or they’re just standing around and doing nothing. This relates to a connection to a community but also relates to significance because when I’m dressed this way or if I’m holding this weapon, I feel powerful and I feel significant.

Belonging to a gang also gives them a sense of identity and power.

So we have Love & Connection, Security, Challenge, Significance.

The next one is meaning and purpose – via Contribution.

Do I have a meaning and a purpose in my life? What am I going to do with my life? Am I living my passion? How can I make a difference? How can I have some meaning to my life? What is my purpose here?

Then the final one is Growth, personal growth.

Although you’re going to think what I’m about to say is sexist, it’s actually the opposite: Women have a greater sense of a desire for growth than even men do because women are always talking about changing. I want to change my hair. I want to change my fashion. I want to do this. I want to do that.

Women are very much about evolving because of the entire female energy which is about nurturing and creation. So women are always growing – evolving and creating.

So again, just going over those human emotional needs: Love & Connection, Security, Challenge, Significance, Contribution (Meaning & Purpose) and Growth.

[Also read the article by Patrick Wanis PhD “Getting your six human emotional needs”: ]

If any of those needs are not being met and someone comes along and he happens to either be well-marketed or happens to be charismatic and says, “Look, I have the answer for you. I can solve your problem,” we then turn to this person. We can easily give away our power. We can easily put them on a pedestal and then we start to hand them our money.

Click here for Part 3 of the expanded transcript of the in-depth interview by Patrick Wanis PhD, Human Behavior Expert about gurus, cults and brainwashing, where Patrick Wanis reveals the ways that advertisers brainwash consumers by convincing them that there is something wrong with them – and he explains how that also relates to being brainwashed or led into a cult – or even being swindled financially.

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