Britney Gets Closer To OJ and Michael Vick

Britney Gets Closer To OJ and Michael Vick

Britney Gets Closer To OJ and Michael Vick

“Just like OJ Simpson and Michael Vick, Britney Spears is now another celebrity that is sabotaging her own success and life,” according to Celebrity Life Coach and Author of “Get the Man You Want” Patrick Wanis.

“When someone subconsciously believes that he or she doesn’t deserve the success or fame then she will sabotage it” says Wanis. “And where there is a belief that “bad actions need to be punished”, in some cases, such as OJ Simpson and now Britney, subconscious guilt can lead to creating situations where you will be caught and punished.”

And for Britney, no matter how hard she tries or how much power she wields, she can’t run away from herself – or the police. For Britney the self-destructive behavior and trouble seems like it simply won’t end because she is out of emotional control and her self-sabotaging behavior is growing and becoming more extreme” says Wanis. “The people closest to her just don’t get it that she is still crying out for help. She has been screaming for help since the time she shaved her head.” Now she is facing possible jail time after being charged with counts of hit and run and driving without a valid license after she allegedly smashed her car into another in a parking lot in August.

“In my book, I point out that when we get more than what we subconsciously believe we deserve, we will do all sorts of things to push it away – sabotage it. This is what Britney, is doing. She is out of emotional control and seems to have also lost her entire support system”, says Wanis.

Originally from Australia, Patrick Wanis, is a Celebrity Life-Coach, Author and an Expert in Human Behavior and Relationships. He is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist with a PhD in Health Psychology in 2007. Wanis is a regular contributor to Montel and major news outlets -FOX News, MSNBC, etc. Wanis coaches and works with various celebrities. WGN Chicago and Syndicated TV show, “The Daily Buzz” anointed him “The Woman Expert” and FOX News pronounced him ”A voice for women.” Over four million people have read Wanis’ books in English and Spanish.  

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