Britney Can’t Run Away From Herself

Britney Can't Run Away From Herself

Britney Can’t Run Away From Herself

No matter how hard she tries or how much power she wields, Britney can’t run away from herself – or the police,” according to Celebrity Life Coach and Author Patrick Wanis.

“For Britney Spears the trouble seems like it simply won’t end because she is out of emotional control and her self-sabotaging behavior is catching up to her” says Wanis. “The people closest to her just don’t get it that she is crying out for help. She has been screaming for help since the time she shaved her head.” Now she is facing possible jail time after being charged with misdemeanor counts of hit and run and driving without a valid license after she allegedly smashed her car into another in a parking lot in August.

“Britney is out of emotional control and is living in her own world”, says Wanis. “Britney continues to engage in self-destructive and self-sabotaging behavior…part of that is subconscious sabotage and part of that is due to her sense of entitlement and irresponsibility. Britney has no idea of responsibility or accountability. She can’t nurture, protect or care for herself, so how can she nurture, protect or care for her children. She is still a child trying to raise children but because she refuses to acknowledge how irresponsible her behavior is and how detrimental it is to her children’s long-term emotional and mental health, she thinks that K-Fed is worse than her and less of a father than she is a mother. She feels a sense of entitlement and power because of her celebrity status – which also explains her behavior and response to the car accident, her lewd behavior, and her almost complete apathy on stage at the MTV awards.”

Wanis says, “Unfortunately, Britney is not getting the real help that she needs and that will never happen until she decides she wants to get better and face her deeper pain.”

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