Cheating & Narcissism: Lessons From Peter Cook

Peter Cook former husband of supermodel Christie Brinkley told Barbara Walters on ABC’s “20/20,” that he blames Brinkley for his affair:

Cheating & Narcissism Lessons From Peter Cook

Cheating & Narcissism Lessons From Peter Cook

“I wanted a little acknowledgement, a little attention, a little thank-you every now and then for my efforts, for the amount of time I took to care for her and my family, for the wealth I was building.”

But Human Behavior Expert and Clinical Hypnotherapist Patrick Wanis PhD, says “Cook’s excuse is more than demeaning to women; it’s shameful when you consider that Cook had an affair with an eighteen year-old girl.” Patrick Wanis joins the ladies of XM radio’s Broadminded show to reveal the real psychological and behavioral motivations behind Cook’s affair and subsequent actions of blaming Brinkley. Patrick reveals the link between narcissism and cheating, and, explores the issues of personal accountability and responsibility relating to how we respond to the way other people make us feel

Click below to listen to the interview.


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