Women Are To Blame For Men Cheating – Audio

Women Are To Blame For Men Cheating - Audio

Women Are To Blame For Men Cheating – Audio

A book by a marriage counselor claims women are to blame when men cheat because women don’t show enough appreciation to their man and they don’t value their man sufficiently. “The Truth about Cheating” by Gary Neuman says the no. 1 reason men cheat is “feeling underappreciated – a lack of thoughtful gestures” by the woman. Gary Neuman says cheaters are not the bad, rotten guys; “they can also be nice guys that get lost and do the wrong thing.” But Human Behavior Expert and Clinical Hypnotherapist Patrick Wanis PhD, says “Again here is another man who removes the responsibility of infidelity from the man who cheated and places it right in the lap of the woman by claiming that it is women’s responsibility to build up the man and make him feel valued because Neuman claims that is what men are searching for and expecting from women.” Patrick Wanis joins radio personalities Richard Stevens and Lori St. James to share his insights and explain why Gary Neuman’s claim is false and destructive to women’s self-esteem. Patrick also reveals that Neuman’s experience as a marriage counselor is being poorly used to simply repeat the excuses that men give and omits the empowering lesson that men and women should learn: we all have choices about how we react to the way people “make” or leave us feeling.

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