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Dads To Blame For Teen Pregnancies Rising

Dads To Blame For Teen Pregnancies Rising
Dads To Blame For Teen Pregnancies Rising
Dads To Blame For Teen Pregnancies Rising

Teen pregnancies rose in the United States for the first time in 15 years and more youth offenders ages 12 to 17 were involved in serious violent crimes. And according to one human behavior expert, dads are to blame!

“Parents need to realize that father absence is the overriding risk factor in for early sexual activity and adolescent pregnancy”, says Human Behavior Expert and Clinical Hypnotherapist Patrick Wanis PhD. “The less dads are around and the more women are forced to become single mothers and raise daughters on their own, the more continued higher rates of teen pregnancies we are going to see.”

“Study after study shows that dads need to be actively involved in raising their children and specifically their daughters. In one study done over 15 years, a total of 820 girls were followed for their entire childhoods, from before kindergarten to approximately age 18 and it was found that ‘father presence was a major protective factor against early sexual outcomes, even if other factors were present. In other words, mom can’t be expected to raise kids or daughters on her own” says Wanis.

“In another study, involving 10,000 students between 7th and 12th grade, it was revealed that girls who had positive relationships with involved fathers waited longer to have their first sexual experience. Girls who have poor relationships with their dads tend to seek attention from other males at earlier ages and often this will involve a sexual relationship.”

Wanis says “dads help to form daughter’s self-image, self-esteem and self-confidence. Dads can explain first hand to their daughter the real way a teen boy views sex. They can explain it in a way that mom can’t, to let daughter know that for boys teen sex is about conquest, fun and adventure while for girls, teen sex is about expressing love and affection. And when daughters receive enough attention, love and affection from dad, they won’t go to other boys looking to make up for a lack of it.  Dad’s can also teach daughters discipline, morals and values and help them to stay away from drugs. We need to understand that contrary to the poorly informed opinions, dad’s role with daughter doesn’t end when she becomes a teen for mom to take over. Yes, dad can talk to her about everything and this will lead to healthier female-male relationships as the girl enters adulthood.”

“Dads need to spend more time with their daughters, ask more questions, express sincere interest, listen attentively, openly express love and affection, and become more actively involved in their daughter’s lives. Dads need to understand that long-term for love, success and high self-esteem, they have to be present.”

“Lack of strong fathering, and absent fathering also leads to boys being involved in more crimes.”

Finally, Wanis says “Contrary to the happy image portrayed by celebrity teen mother, Jamie Lynn Spears, adolescent childbearing is associated with lower educational and occupational attainment, more mental and physical health problems, inadequate social support networks for parenting, and increased risk of abuse and neglect for children born to teen mothers.”

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