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Did Reality Show Lead to Demise of Hulk Hogan’s Marriage?

Did Reality Show Lead to Demise of Hulk Hogan's Marriage?
Did Reality Show Lead to Demise of Hulk Hogan's Marriage?
Did Reality Show Lead to Demise of Hulk Hogan’s Marriage?

Monday, December 03, 2007

LOS ANGELES —  After 24 years of marriage, Hulk Hogan’s wife and star of “Hogan Knows Best” Linda Bollea thinks it’s “best” she start fresh by filing for divorce.

Add Nick and Linda to Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, whose romance was ruined by the reality show “Newlyweds,” Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, who split after starring in “Chaotic” and Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro, who broke up after appearing in “Til Death Do Us Part?” and we wonder … are the reality show cameras cursed?

“Four seasons of TV cameras following Linda around and edging her and the family to create drama has added mental, emotional and physical stress to their marriage,” said celebrity life coach and human behavior expert Patrick Wanis, who coached and hypnotized the star-studded duo during their VH1 series.

“But as seen on their show, Linda and Hulk were drifting apart and Hulk says he was informed of the divorce by a reporter. Linda wanted to be heard and is looking for her voice after living so long in Hulk’s shadow.”

Or should we blame the big wigs in the background for all the break-ups?

“The key concept of a reality show is to entertain by creating and exposing drama, conflict and escalated emotions,” Wanis said. “Producers will employ whatever is necessary to achieve that result, first by casting a couple that is not only a household name but most likely to ‘make sparks.’ Second, they will seek out and promote story lines that will lead to the sparks.”

And just like Lachey reportedly felt outshined by his former spouse’s superstar status and Federline wanted fame for his own name, it seems Linda is also ready for an individual image.

“Linda will be searching for her new identity,” said Wanis. “The very title and concept of the show ‘Hogan Knows Best’ has not helped in strengthening the marriage and left Linda appear to seemingly be powerless; often she sounded out against [her son] Nick’s desire to enter the world of wrestling.”

And while all these celeb couples agreed to sign the dotted line to expose themselves emotionally on television, they also robbed themselves of opportunities to expose themselves physically in private.

“You have to remember that [Jessica Simpson] was a virgin until her wedding night, but she had cameras in her face right from the start,” a Simpson source told Pop Tarts. “They never had the opportunity to get to know each other beyond a surface level, and naturally things are never going to work out with somebody who you thought you loved but really didn’t know them at all. Nick wasn’t the man Jessica thought he was for a number of reasons.”

And although Brit and K-Fed still found time to make two mini-mes, a spy on the set of their not-so-successful show said that “Spears was often agitated and angry that there wasn’t enough hours in the day to do their deeds.”

And even though Hulk’s soon-to-be ex-wife probably won’t be calling up the “Crazy” crooner for any words of wisdom, she can still ponder the proposition of making millions of her own.

“In almost every reality show divorce, the woman’s career success and profile rose while the man’s seemed to wane, e.g. Jessica Simpson versus Nick Lachey or Carmen Electra versus Dave Navarro or Britney versus Kevin,” Wanis said. “That could be a positive omen for Linda Bollea … who knows what she will do with it?”

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