Donald Trump – Creating and Directing Objects Of Hatred

Donald Trump - Creating and Directing Objects Of Hatred

Donald Trump – Creating and Directing Objects Of Hatred

This is the continuation of the article What Triggers The Dark Hidden Unconscious Forces That Exist Within All Of Us?

Summary: The hidden unconscious primitive sexual and aggressive forces are triggered by the social, political, or religious climate. If you have a religion that starts to breed hatred, then obviously, it’s going to be very easy to trigger those forces. If you have a political climate, that means a leader, a group, an ideology, that promotes hatred, then obviously, it’s easy for those forces to be triggered. Once the hatred is created, it requires an object.

Donald Trump is very skilled in making the object of hatred very tangible, whereas someone like George Bush made it quite intangible, he said you’re either with us or you’re against us, he said there’s an enemy, that enemy wants to hurt you, that enemy wants to kill you, and I’m the only one that can protect you.

Donald Trump took it to an extreme level, to a whole other level by saying here are the specific people that want to hurt you, there’s the Mexican rapists, there’s the refugees, there’s the Muslims, there’s this group and that group and they all want to take our country and they’ve taken our power and they’re destroying us. So he also appeals to the people by saying you have no power, you need to be very afraid, you’re losing, and with me, you’re going to win and we’re going to defeat the enemy and we’re going to make America great again. So Trump is basically rounding up the people and saying you need to hate and these are the people that need to be hated because the reason we need to hate is because we’re powerless and weak and our country is being lost.

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