Jesus, Manifesting & The Law Of Deservedness

Jesus, Manifesting & The Law Of Deservedness

Jesus, Manifesting & The Law Of Deservedness

You have to believe you deserve it.

“You only get what you subconsciously believe you deserve and no more; and if you get more, you will sabotage it or push it away.”  

– The Law of Deservedness,  introduced and coined by Patrick Wanis, 2006. Also watch the video further below and this one as well:

Famous radio personality, Danny Wright (Wright All Night syndicated radio show) interviews Patrick Wanis for his insights into success, self-esteem, narcissism and self-sabotage.

Patrick Wanis explains the link between Jesus’ teaching to “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and The Law of Deservedness.

Wanis also explains why the teaching of The Law of Attraction is incomplete and focuses only on receiving and materialism and doesn’t focus on giving, helping or contribution.

Click below to listen to the interview.


Anointed “The Woman Expert” by WGN Chicago, Patrick Wanis PhD is a renowned Celebrity Life Coach, Human Behavior & Relationship Expert who developed SRTT therapy (Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique) and is teaching it to other practitioners. Wanis’ clientele ranges from celebrities and CEOs to housewives and teenagers. CNN, BBC, FOX News, MSNBC & major news outlets worldwide consult Wanis for his expert insights and analysis on sexuality, human behavior and women’s issues. Wanis is the first person ever to do hypnotherapy on national TV – on the Montel Williams show.