The Names of 123 Men Accused of Sexual Assault / Harassment Since Weinstein

The Names of 122 Men Accused of Sexual Assault / Harassment Since Weinstein (photo: Stephen Collins & Catherine Hicks - 7th Heaven)

The Names of 122 Men Accused of Sexual Assault / Harassment Since Weinstein (photo: Stephen Collins & Catherine Hicks – 7th Heaven)

This is a growing list of the men in various fields (Hollywood, WWE, comedy, politics, journalism, literary, restaurant, hotels, photography, Amazon, NPR, and more) who have been accused of sexual harassment or sexual assault following the uncovering of the sexual assaults committed by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. More than 80 women have accused Weinstein.

This list excludes people accused of sexual harassment or sexual assault prior to Weinstein’s revelations, such as Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, Bill Cosby, Woody Allen or Roman Polanski.

Why is this happening?

I predicted this when I revealed in 2010 that the patriarchy is dying and women are taking over.

There is a new matriarchy and as women become more powerful, men can no longer control and subject women the way that they have done for hundreds of years. Why have women become so powerful? Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care (91% of new homes and 92% of vacations.)

Charlie Sheen has been omitted from this list; Sheen was accused of sodomizing the late Corey Haim (at age 13) by a friend of Corey Haim, Dominick Brascia. Corey Haim’s mother told Dr. Oz that Dominick Brascia is the man who abused and sodomized Corey Haim. Another friend of Haim, Greg Harrison has previously accused Dominick Brascia as being Corey Haim’s abuser. Harrison also claimed Corey Feldman was the person who helped orchestrate it all. Corey Feldman was also accused of sexual battery in January, 2018.

List of men (in alphabetical order) accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape:

  1. Adam Fields (Hollywood Producer)
  2. Adam Venit (Head of motion picture department at William Morris Endeavor)
  3. Adrian Carrasquillo (White House Correspondent for
  4. Alex Kozinski (Judge U.S. Court of Appeals 9th Circuit0
  5. Al Franken (Senator – Democrat Minnesota)
  6. Andre Balazs (Celebrity Hotelier)
  7. Andrew Kreisberg (TV showrunner)
  8. Andy Dick (Comedian)
  9. Andy Henry (Veteran casting agent CSI and freelance)
  10. Andy Savage (Tennessee megachurch pastor)
  11. Ben Affleck (Actor)
  12. Ben Vereen (Broadway performer)
  13. Blake Farenthold (Texas Representative – Republican)
  14. Bob Weinstein (Film Producer – brother of Harvey Weinstein)
  15. Brandon Hixon (Former Republican state lawmaker Idaho)
  16. Brett Ratner (Film Director)
  17. Bruce Weber (Photographer)
  18. Bryan Singer (Film Director)
  19. Carter Oosterhouse (HGTV show host)
  20. Casey Affleck (Actor)
  21. Charlie Rose (Journalist, TV show host)
  22. Charles Dutoit (Artistic director & principal conductor London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
  23. Chris Savino (Animator, Show Producer)
  24. Corey Feldman (Actor)
  25. Corey Lewandowski (President Trump’s former campaign manager)
  26. Dan Johnson (Kentucky Republican state Representative)
  27. Danny Masterson (Actor)
  28. David Blaine (Magician – Illusionist)
  29. David Cassidy (Singer, Pop Star)
  30. David Guillod (Film Producer)
  31. Daylin Leach (State Senator Pennsylvania – Democrat)
  32. Dr. Larry Nassar (U.S. Women’s gymnastics doctor)
  33. Dominick Brascia (Actor)
  34. Donovan McNabb (NFL Networks analyst)
  35. Dustin Hoffman (Actor)
  36. Dylan Howard (Editor in Chief, National Enquirer)
  37. Ed Westwick (Actor)
  38. Eric Bolling (Fox News TV show host)
  39. Eric Davis (NFL Networks guest commentator)
  40. Eric Greitens (Republican Governor Missouri)
  41. Eric Weinberger (NFL Networks Executive Producer)
  42. Eric Schneiderman (New York Attorney General)
  43. Garrison Keillor (Radio show host)
  44. Gary Goddard (Film producer)
  45. Gene Simmons (Former rock star)
  46. George H.W. Bush (41st US President)
  47. George Takei (Star Trek actor)
  48. Geraldo Rivera (TV reporter, talk show host)
  49. Gilbert Rozon Founder “Just for Laughs” comedy festival)
  50. Glenn Thrush (Reporter NY Times)
  51. Hamilton Fish (President and Publisher of The New Republic,)
  52. Harvey Weinstein (Film Producer)
  53. Heath Evans (NFL commentator)
  54. Ike Taylor (NFL commentator)
  55. James Rosen (Fox News Washington DC Political Correspondent)
  56. James Toback (Film Director)
  57. Jack Latvala (Florida State Senator – Republican)
  58. James Franco (Actor)
  59. Jeffrey Tambor (Actor)
  60. Jeremy Piven (Actor)
  61. Jerry Richardson (Owner Carolina Panthers football team)
  62. Jesse Cliff (Counter-Strike co-creator)
  63. Jesse Lacey (Musician)
  64. Joel Kramer (Film stunt coordinator)
  65. John Besh (Celebrity Chef, Restaurateur)
  66. John Conyers  (US Representative Democrat -Michigan)
  67. John Lasseter (Head of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation)
  68. John Singleton (Film Director & Producer)
  69. Ken Baker (E! News Correspondent)
  70. Ken Friedman (Restaurateur – Spotted Pig)
  71. Kentucky House Speaker Jeff Hoover, Reps. Brian Linder (Dry Ridge), Michael Meredith (Oakland) and Jim DeCesare (Bowling Green)
  72. Kevin Spacey (Actor)
  73. Kirt Webster (Nashville Publicist)
  74. L.A. Reid (Music mogul producer)
  75. Larry King (TV show host)
  76. Larry Nassar (USA Gymnastics doctor)
  77. Leon Wieseltier (Literary Critic, Magazine Editor)
  78. Lockhart Steele (Vox Media’s Editorial Director)
  79. Louis C.K. (Comedian)
  80. Malcolm Maddox (News Anchor WXYZ)
  81. Mario Batali (Celebrity Chef & TV show host)
  82. Mario Testino (Fashion photographer)
  83. Mark Halperin (Political Journalist)
  84. Mark Schwann (TV showrunner)
  85. Marshall Faulk (Hall of Fame running back & NFL commentator)
  86. Matt Lauer (NBC Today show host)
  87. Matt Zimmerman (Senior Vice President, Booking, News & Entertainment NBC)
  88. Matthew Weiner (Mad Men creator)
  89. Michael Oreskes (Journalist, Editor National Public Radio)
  90. Morgan Spurlock (Documentary filmmaker)
  91. Nick Carter (Singer)
  92. Norman Pattiz (University of California Regent)
  93. Oliver Stone (Film Director)
  94. Paul Haggis (Oscar-winning filmmaker, writer)
  95. Peter Martins (Leader New York City Ballet)
  96. Rafael Velasquez (Miami Beach candidate)
  97. Reverend Jesse Jackson (Politician, Activist)
  98. Robert Knepper (Actor)
  99. Ron Jeremy (Porn actor)
  100. Roy Moore – Former Alabama Chief Justice
  101. Roy Price (President Amazon Studios)
  102. Ruben Kihuen (Democrat Representative – Nevada)
  103. Russell Simmons (Entrepreneur, Music Producer)
  104. Ryan Lizza (Reporter)
  105. Jack Latvala (Florida State Senator)
  106. Scott Baio (Former actor)
  107. Sean Hutchison (Former US Olympic Team swimming coach)
  108. Sepp Blatter (Former FIFA director)
  109. Stan Lee (Marvel Comic creator)
  110. Stephen Collins (7th Heaven actor)
  111. Steve Edwards (TV Anchor Good Day LA)
  112. Steve Jurvetson (CEO venture capital)
  113. Steven Segal (Actor)
  114. Steve Wynn (Businessman, art collector, casino developer)
  115. Tavis Smiley (PBS Show host)
  116. Teddy Davis (CNN Producer)
  117. Terry Richardson (Celebrity photographer)
  118. The Undertaker (WWE)
  119. Tom Sizemore (Actor)
  120. Twiggy Ramirez -AKA Jeordie White (Marilyn Manson band)
  121. Vincent Cirricione (Hollywood talent manager, film producer)
  122. Warren Sapp (Hall of Fame Defensive Tackle)
  123. Wayne Pacelle (President and chief executive officer of the Humane Society of the United States)

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