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Martin Luther King Day -The Power of Love and Forgiveness

Martin Luther King Day -The Power of Love and For
Martin Luther King Day -The Power of Love and For
Martin Luther King Day -The Power of Love and For

Understanding, Forgiving and Overcoming the cause of Hatred and Racism

Martin Luther King, Jr. taught the values of nonviolence, including unconditional love, tolerance, forgiveness and reconciliation.  His philosophy promotes the power of unconditional love even for one’s adversaries as a way to fight injustice and defuse violent disputes. Unconditional love is about forgiveness -a crucial part of the healing process at the interpersonal and international levels.

Forgiveness can only come about through understanding. Forgiveness means to GIVE understanding FOR what has transpired. So from where does human hatred and racism come? What stirs in one group of people hatred for another group of people that are simply or seemingly different?

Patrick Wanis, behavioral expert and better-life coach is the author of “How to find happiness.” Patrick’s book teaches the key to happiness is forgiveness.  Patrick is the ideal expert to discuss love, forgiveness and acceptance, and can answer your audience’s questions regarding human behavior and how it relates to:

  • Hatred, racism, violence
  • Fear – the true cause behind all hatred
  • How to overcome our prejudices and fears
  • How to find loving ways to resolve conflicts

Patrick Wanis is an international speaker, certified therapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner and hypnotist with degrees in communication and human behavior. He has appeared on television and radio and teaches around the world. He has authored: How to get over it –breakups, betrayals and rejection; Soul mates, and; What a woman wants –And how to give it to her.

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