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What Men Really Think About Women

What Men Really Think About Women

 10 Myths Men Have About Women

What Men Really Think About Women
What Men Really Think About Women

Men say they think women are from another planet. Men complain women don’t know what they want, are overly emotional, only want men for their money, and send off mixed signals. Men struggle in frustration because of the perceptions and misconceptions they have about women.

Can you distinguish the truths from the myths:

  • Do women truly know what they want?
  • Do women automatically lose interest in physical intimacy when they get married?
  • Does a woman always want to know what the man is thinking?
  • Do women dress provocatively so men will hit on them?

Already you have come up with your own answers. Now hear from the expert on the 10 myths men have about women.

Patrick Wanis is a therapist, human behavior expert and better-life coach. Patrick Wanis has identified the ten major perceptions men have about women. And five of them are myths, five of them truths. Do you want to know what all ten are? Let Patrick give you and your audience the answers. Patrick is the perfect expert to offer insights into the male and female psyche in a fun, witty and informative manner.


Take the quiz:
Ten Myths Women have about Men
– Can you tell the truth from the myths?

Patrick Wanis is an international speaker, certified therapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner and hypnotherapist. He has appeared on television and radio and teaches around the world. He has authored: How to get over it –breakups, betrayals and rejection; Soul mates, and; What a woman wants –And how to give it to her.

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