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Valentine’s Day -Love or Loneliness?

Valentine's Day -Love or Loneliness
Valentine's Day -Love or Loneliness
Valentine’s Day -Love or Loneliness

In the next two weeks, one billion Valentine cards will be exchanged within the US. One billion cards; and yet there are still many single, divorced or separated people that will simply spend the lover’s day alone. Some people will wish for the day to go by as quickly and as painlessly as possible, some will be celebrating love, some will be torn between two lovers, and others still, will be contemplating breaking-up.

What is the solution to enjoying Valentine’s Day whether you are alone, in a relationship, being overly pursued or, about to breakup?

Patrick Wanis is a therapist, human behavior expert and better-life coach. Patrick has authored various books on love, happiness and relationships. Patrick is the perfect expert to answer audience questions and offer insights into Valentine’s Day and relationships in a fun, witty, animated, informative and compassionate manner:

  • Do you have to drop a bundle of money to prove your love?
  • The perfect gift -Creating a day to remember
  • Valentine etiquette (email, fax, card or call?)
  • If you are going to break it off, when is the best time, before or after Valentine’s Day?
  • How to safely reveal yourself if you are a secret admirer
  • How to handle a persistent ex-boyfriend or girlfriend
  • How to overcome loneliness if you are alone on Valentine’s Day

If you are looking for a dynamic, polished, entertaining, charismatic expert with loads of personality, an Australian accent and a phenomenal sense of humor, Patrick Wanis is your expert.


Patrick Wanis is an international speaker, certified therapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner and hypnotherapist. He has appeared on television and radio and teaches around the world. He has authored: How to get over it –breakups, betrayals and rejection; Soul mates, and; What a woman wants –And how to give it to her.

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