Women Suffer From More Emotional Problems Than Men

Women Suffer From More Emotional Problems Than Men

Women Suffer From More Emotional Problems Than Men

A new CDC report reveals Americans are more stressed out than ever, and women top the list

Poor mental health is on the rise and women suffer more than men from frequent mental distress. Women report feeling stressed, depressed, or having problems with their emotions fourteen or more days out of the month. And according to a human behavior expert and therapist, the cause is the confusion and high expectations of today’s society and media.

The nationwide survey of one million adults found the prevalence of adults who reported poor mental health on 14 or more days during the last month increased from 8.4 percent in 1993 to 10.1 percent in 2001.

The study showed that poor mental health was higher amongst:

Younger; female; separated, divorced, or widowed; unemployed or unable to work; had an annual household income under $15,000; high school graduates; had no health insurance.

Human Behavior expert and therapist, Patrick Wanis says there is still a very high stigma associated with seeking treatment for mental health problems and this is preventing many women from getting much needed help. Wanis says, “Poor mental health is on the rise amongst women particularly younger women because of the confusion and high expectations by today’s society and media. Women are crumbling under the pressure to look like Britney Spears, pursue a career, compete with men in the workplace, keep the perfect home, be the ideal mother and perform sexually. Do women truly need the patch to increase their sex drive? Many women have also chosen to compete with men on men’s sexual terms and this is resulting in deep hurts and emotional issues for women. In fact, women are now more confused than ever about who and what they should be and what it takes to define a successful woman. This is creating widespread low self-esteem amongst women, particularly those in their 20s and early 30s. Furthermore, today’s society places value only on the young woman and her outer beauty. Accordingly, older women despite their success or inner beauty are feeling ugly, unwanted, discarded to the junkyard.”

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