Naomi Campbell – angry woman – says she was arrested because she is black!

Naomi Campbell - angry woman - says she was arrested because she is black!

Naomi Campbell – angry woman – says she was arrested because she is black!

Angry supermodel Naomi Campbell has claimed she was arrested at Heathrow, after spitting in the face of a police officer, because she was black.The Melbourne newspaper, The Herald Sun reports that Campbell, 37, showed no remorse only hours after she allegedly spat into a cops face and hurled abuse in a furious row over her luggage.

“It emerged that she had been told the case exceeded her weight allowance and would follow her to Los Angeles on a later jet.

After being released by police, the catwalk queen said to a pal: “It just goes to show I have to fight for who I am. It’s because I’m black,” reports The Sun.

Campbell had exploded with rage at Heathrow and was dragged, handcuffed, off a Los Angeles-bound jet. She was arrested and put in a cell before being allowed to phone a lawyer. Then she had a medical check. She later whinged to pals about her treatment.”

Assaulting a friend, assistant, policeman, security guard, and housekeeper…Naomi has a history or angry and abusive behavior.

Meanwhile, it is obvious that her anger management classes didn’t work – first because the court in 2007 ordered her to attend just two days of anger management and second because to be truly free of anger, she has to deal with the origins and motivations of her anger – not just try to manage her anger but get rid of it. In other words, why is Naomi really angry? It appears that she has the “celebrity entitlement syndrome whereby she feels she should be treated differently, better than everybody else and that she doesn’t have to answer to anybody – not even the police (think Keifer Sutherland or Jaguar’s footballer Brian Williams), and she also lashes out when she doesn’t get her way.

Remember that just like Britney, Naomi has a lowly background – she was born to an 18-year-old unmarried showgirl and neither Naomi nor her mother have ever publicly named her father. Is she ashamed of her father or the way that she was conceived? Does she feel that she was deprived as child: Naomi is of Jamaican-Chinese extraction and she was raised in a working-class neighborhood of London. In other words, from a clinical hypnotherapist’s point of view, when someone screams loudly and reacts with violence to any situation whereby she is challenged or feels criticized or singled out then she is displaying behavior that reflects major deficits in her self-esteem and anger at the world.

Naomi seems conflicted – she has engaged in charitable deeds but continues to be abusive to people around her and questions authority.

Naomi is acting in a narcissistic manner – the world revolves around her, she is primarily interested in self-promotion, is very selfish and she cannot handle any criticism – she reacts harshly or violently to criticism. Remember, narcissists actually don’t like themselves subconsciously and thus spend most of their waking hours trying to get attention and approval from others and if they are criticized it triggers their subconscious insecurity and self-loathing and thus they lash out. Ultimately, I feel that Naomi probably doesn’t subconsciously feel or believe that she deserves her success and she probably feels inferior and so, she overcompensates by trying to force people to see how special, significant and superior she is to everyone else around her. And remember she was photographed leaving a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in London and she claims that she kicked a long term drug habit back in 2002 which she blamed for her abusive actions and behavior towards others. While one bad habit may have ended (drugs), it seems the other hasn’t (assaults and abusive behavior.)

Naomi needs help to get to the root of her anger! It’s time to start treating the cause and not just the symptoms! I would guess that she had a deprived and tough childhood and she is still angry about that and she doesn’t feel worthy of success…

-Patrick Wanis, Ph.D
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