Nicole Richie Gives Birth In Jail?

Nicole Richie Gives Birth In Jail

Nicole Richie Gives Birth In Jail

While the media swirls with rumors that Nicole Richie is pregnant and given that she is facing jail time, one Human Behavior Expert and therapist warns that it would be most damaging to Nicole’s child should it be born in jail.

Celebrity Life Coach and author, Patrick Wanis says, “Although her child wouldn’t end up in the welfare system as do most children born into incarcerated mothers, any amount of time that the child is away from her mother at such early and critical stages of development could affect the child’s internal emotional security, adversely affecting the child’s social relationships. Also, if Nicole were to suffer any depression during her jail time and later when released it could affect her level of nurturance and affection towards her child. Studies show depressed mothers are less loving, affectionate and nurturing towards their children. In other words, the mental and emotional impact of Nicole’s jail time would most likely be transferred to her child.”

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