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Overcoming Depression and Anger

Overcoming depression and anger
Overcoming depression and anger
Overcoming depression and anger

I would like to talk about depression and anger and share a success story about a client of mine who overcame eight years of depression and medication.

Let me begin by responding to a reader’s query regarding my last newsletter:

What about the person that always has a smile on their face, makes other people laugh, tells positive and inspiring stories, and is eager to lend a hand or open up their home to others?   On the inside, however, this person is continuously scared to death, lonely, or grief-stricken — but never talks about it. They just don’t feel the need to bring all that negativity up in conversations.  Is this a problem or a healthy way of thinking? – Karen, TX

I never encourage denying or escaping what a person truly feels.

If you are feeling any pain inside or negative emotions, speak up and reach out for help. Beware also of being the martyr and thus taking care of others and not yourself. I also believe we have the power to overcome our inner challenges as this next success story will reveal:

For eight years, Cathy Valone suffered from anxiety, insomnia, nausea, a sense of doom, lack of motivation and pain. “I didn’t want to live anymore.” After recovering Cathy now wants to share her story “because I don’t want anyone to endure what I have or to feel so much pain.”  It all began when Cathy, 41 a mother or two children from Manhattan IL, went to a therapist in 1998 feeling overwhelmed by some of her circumstantial challenges. The therapist misdiagnosed her with depression and sent her to a psychiatrist who hastily put her on anti-depressants.

Over 8 years, 9 different antidepressants and 3 medications for insomnia, Cathy’s symptoms only worsened while doctors continued to tell her that her depression was getting worse and the psychiatrist who misdiagnosed Cathy told her, “You just may never be happy!”

Cathy believed them and continued to be unhappy and suffer till one day in August of 2006, she read a book by a psychiatrist warning of the some of the dangers of medication. Cathy concluded that maybe she had been misdiagnosed and maybe it was the medication that was making her worse. Cathy took herself off the psychiatric medication but her symptoms didn’t completely go away.  Cathy was seeking help, and one day she was in a supermarket and bought a small pocketbook, “Finding God.”   After carrying around the book in her purse for five months, she decided to read it and contact its author, Patrick Wanis.

“From our first phone consultation Patrick had a profound effect on me. “He helped me to realize I had a lot of anger turned inwards and didn’t just tell me I had to forgive the doctors and myself, he showed me how and did it over the phone with me. He made me believe I can be happy, I deserve to be happy, and that the people who put told me there was something wrong with me were wrong themselves.” Patrick suggested I listen to his audio book “Get What you Want!“. I did and followed its exercises. I then flew to Miami with my husband to meet and further consult with Patrick who showed me how to reverse years and years of negative conditioning. For the first time in years, I had hope -Patrick gave me my life back. He gave me the tools to make positive changes and enjoy life again! “

Cathy understands that it is a process to overcome more than eight years of negative programming and says that “each day gets better.”  My audio book, “Get what you want” is available from my website.

I wish you the best and remind you “Believe in yourself -You deserve the best!”

Patrick Wanis
Celebrity Life Coach, Human Behavior & Relationship Expert & Clinical Hypnotherapist

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