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Audio On Reality Shows Lead To Divorce By Patrick Wanis

Reality Shows Lead To Divorce - Patrick Wanis
Reality Shows Lead To Divorce
Reality Shows Lead To Divorce

As TV reality shows continue to dominate the television landscape, the concern arises that the reality TV sends the message to young people that unless you are on TV you are not special. But is the allure to be on television driven only by the desire to be famous? And what are the consequences of having your life be completely exposed? For almost every married couple, the result is divorce.

TV Reality shows and divorce seem to go hand in hand: TV Reality stars Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey, Britney & Kevin, Hulk Hogan & Linda all ended in divorce. Could Jon and Kate Gosselin be next? Or Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott? Why have so many married couples featured in reality shows ended in divorce? Is there a mysterious curse of reality shows or are there real psychological causes? And what about Sharon & Ozzy Osborne or Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed; how did they survive the reality show curse?

TV cameras that constantly hound you for great lengths of time trigger automatic involuntary behavioral responses that result in conflict and which erode & corrode relationships, says Celebrity Life Coach and Human Behavior Expert, Patrick Wanis, PhD. In the words of Ron Howard who directed the first film about reality TV, Privacy is precious, cameras that invade your life distort and destroy it.

Debbie Monterrey and Doug McElvein, hosts of Total Information AM show on KMOX NewRadio 1120, interview Celebrity Life Coach and Human Behavior Expert Patrick Wanis, PhD for insights into the mind and profile of a person that invites cameras into his or her home and allows them to show and reveal to the world every personal detail of their life. Patrick Wanis reveals the psychological factors of reality TV that lead to divorce including Emotional Nakedness. Patrick Wanis also issues a word of caution about the effect that social media such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, can have on a person’s life and mental and emotional health.

Click below to listen to the interview.

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