The Putt Putt Syndrome – Marriage, Divorce & Children

The Putt Putt Syndrome - Marriage, Divorce & Children

The Putt Putt Syndrome – Marriage, Divorce & Children

“The Putt Putt Syndrome” is a movie by Allen Cognata starring Jason London, David Chokachi, Thea Gill, Heather Tom, Robert Maschio and Paul Diomede. The dark comedy movie sets out to publicly reveal a syndrome experienced by many married couples and couples in long term relationships: a point when there is no passion or romance, the partners are not lovers but rather roommates, the dreams have disappeared and the marriage seems to be stuck in contentment and mediocrity void of any excitement or life; marriage and life are putting along and one can almost hear the sounds of the engine of passion almost coming to a complete stall.

Joanie Winberg, founder of the National Association of Divorce for Women and Children and host of “Single Again! Now What?” internet radio show interviews Celebrity Life Coach and Human Behavior Expert Patrick Wanis, PhD (the exclusive relationship expert for the movie, “The Putt Putt Syndrome”) for insights into the syndrome; what it is, how to prevent it and how get out of it. In a thorough and sometimes shocking interview, Patrick Wanis shares his expertise on the mistakes husband and wives make; shares strategies & tips to relight the fire of romance & passion; reveals the most dangerous mistake parents make with their children; reveals the top 4 things a man wants and the top 4 things a woman wants, and, how you can use that knowledge to strengthen and deepen the bond, connection and romance in your relationship.

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