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She Quit Smoking And Lost Weight With Hypnosis Pt 2


She Quit Smoking And Lost Weight With Hypnosis Pt 2

This is the second part of the conversation and testimonial by Cindi who at age 50 stopped smoking in less than 2 weeks using Patrick Wanis’ hypnosis audio “Quit Smoking”  and she lost 14 pounds using Patrick Wanis’ hypnosis audio “Weight Loss”. 

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Patrick:                       Because in the stop smoking hypnosis audio program I actually recall that that’s a key point that I help you to also understand at a subconscious level about how great it will feel when you’re free. There’s just a beautiful fresh smell of your clothes or hair, your home, your surroundings. So that’s fantastic news, and it’s fantastic news because of your health more than anything else. The other question is a lot of people are concerned that “Oh, when I stop smoking, I’m might put on weight.” What was your experience?

Cindi:                          No, I really didn’t. I did not gain any weight when I stopped. I didn’t lose any weight just by stopping of course even though, you know, I was exercising. But I stayed consistent. I didn’t switch. When I was anxious or when I got upset I would just feel the feeling. I would just work through it the way people do that aren’t smoking. You just think about solutions or you let it go or whatever, and I didn’t feel a need to like rush for anything to help me through it like I used to with cigarettes, which honestly never was helping me. It was making it worse, but we thought it was helping. So it didn’t like switch me from having a cigarette to running to eating at all. So I did not gain anything. I did not gain a pound.

Patrick:                       Yes. And again, that’s fantastic. And one of the reasons that happens is because in the stop smoking hypnosis audio program I have specific suggestions that first work on calming you, relaxing you, helping you to know how to navigate your way through stress, how to respond to stressful situations, and also suggestions that ensure that you don’t go from, as you said, one extreme to another or from one bad habit to another extreme habit. So the other suggestion is that you’re not going to suddenly pick up lots of habits of indulging excessively in food.

So I make sure in the quit smoking hypnosis audio program to cover all those areas, first to help you understand how bad smoking is for you, not at a conscious level but to understand it at a subconscious level how bad it is because we all consciously know that cigarette smoking is bad for us. We know that.

But it’s not until it registers at a deeper subconscious level and we are able to attach an intensely negative emotion to cigarette smoking, how we are able to actually stop smoking. Then the other aspect is to ensure (1) you know how bad smoking is for you; (2) you know how to handle stress; (3) that you wouldn’t suddenly pick up another bad habit because you haven’t been able to master handling stress.

So the stop smoking hypnosis audio program focuses on looking at all aspects of you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. And the beauty is that you made a conscious choice as well which someone has to make before they pick up the quit smoking hypnosis audio program. No one else can say to you, “Ooh, get Patrick’s hypnosis audio program right now.” You have to want it, and then you go and get it or you get someone else to get it for you, but you have to want it.

So you made a conscious choice that you wanted to change your life. You wanted to quit smoking. You wanted to be healthy. You wanted to look good. You wanted to feel good. And so then you started exercising. Did you also then take a look at other areas of your life — relationships, relationships with food?

Cindi:                          Yeah, I’ve always been a pretty healthy eater. I did have a pretty excessive sweet tooth so I did start the weight loss hypnosis audio program. I’d say I’ve had it for a while, but I didn’t really get serious about it until this past June and I listened to it every day for a while. And now, there’s no more chocolate in the fridge. I don’t eat the Dunkin’ Donuts at school when we have meetings.

I just don’t feel the need to do that. I have strawberries in the house. I have pineapple every day. I switched over. If I want something sweet, I’ll have a little fruit. I eat mostly vegetables, a lot of green vegetables every day, grains, lean meat. I mean since this past June when I have been listening to it and now I listen maybe once every other week. I really don’t listen to it that much anymore. I don’t feel I need to. But I’ve lost 14 pounds, and I feel great, you know.

Patrick:                       Wow!

Cindi:                          I really do. I think it’s just been a total — both of the hypnosis audio programs have really helped me reach my goals in such a way that I don’t feel stressed out doing it like when you’re normally dieting or trying to quit smoking and you’re anxious and angry and, you know. There was none of that. It was just such an easy, calm method for me, you know. It really was. I’ve told a lot of people, but again like you said, I have to want it and I have to be ready for it.

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Patrick:                       Well, Cindi, what a great success story on your part.

Cindi:                          Thank you.

Patrick:                       You made the choice. You followed through. You used the Stop Smoking Hypnosis audio program and then you went on and used the Weight Loss Hypnosis audio. A lot of people now just buy the instant digital download. It’s quick. It’s fast.

Patrick:                       So for less than $60 you’re able to transform your life along with your own personal commitment and choice. And for that I also say well done and I congratulate you. I honor you. I respect you.

Cindi:                          Thank you.

Patrick:                       And more importantly, regardless of what I think, the beauty is that you’re reaping the rewards of your own choices —

Cindi:                          Oh, definitely. I heard from my doctor, everything is in line. There’s no pre-diabetes which a lot of people get at my age. I’m 52 now and a lot of people start seeing signs of that. My blood pressure is great. My cholesterol is great. I’m in perfect weight range for my height. I mean I’m not on any medications and I’m just so grateful that I decided and that I found it, you know. I had never heard of it.

Like I said, I just wanted to try something out, something different, and I thought, okay, well, maybe hypnosis and even though I was anxious about going to a class or a private session, when I saw that and I read everything on your site, what people had said, I decided to give it a try and I’m just extremely grateful, you know, extremely grateful.

Patrick:                       Indeed. You are more than welcome. And not only that but I have so many people from whom I never get to talk to personally that had extraordinary success using various products. Some people’s lives are being changed by reading one of my books. Somewhere in that book there was a message that changed their life. Other people had their life changed by, like such as in your situation, using one of my hypnosis audio programs.

So I’m also very grateful sincerely that we’ve been able to connect and you’ve been able to share your success as someone who I’ve never personally met but who used the stop smoking hypnosis audio program.

And so I thank you for reaching out so that you could share your story not only with me but also with other people to encourage them that you can take charge of your life and you can make changes in your life and you can be happy and healthy again without smoking and without hurting your body through negative eating habits.

So again, thank you so much for sharing this, and thank you for being so open with your experiences and for helping and inspiring other people hopefully with your own story. Thank you so much, Cindi.

Cindi:                          Okay, Patrick. It was wonderful talking to you and thank you for everything.

Patrick:                       You’re welcome.

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