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She Quit Smoking – Became Smoke Free

In this week’s Success Newsletter, I would like to share a success story – of a woman whom I have never met but who changed her life using two of my hypnosis audio program.
She Quit Smoking – Became Smoke Free

First a quick update:

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Now, let’s talk about the success story of a woman whom I have never met but who changed her life using two of my hypnosis audio programs – setting herself free of cigarettes and losing weight at the same time.

Cindi, at age 50, stopped smoking within a couple of weeks after using my “Quit Smoking” hypnosis audio program. Soon after she bought another one of my hypnosis audios and wrote this to me:

“Well I honestly have not been listening to the w loss audio program on a regular basis. I AM however down to 137 and very happy. Since quitting smoking in Feb., I have gained a tremendous amount of self-esteem, just knowing that I CAN control what I do to my body, whether with smoking and or eating foods that are not healthy choices. I am a teacher and have been on vacation since June 9th. I have been going to the gym 5-6 times a week and have increased my cardio – again because my respiratory function is so much better since becoming a non- smoker, it has allowed me to really ramp up my workout. I HAVE given up chocolate candy…EVEN the healthy dark chocolate (that was always my excuse lol)…”

Cindi and I spoke recently to learn more about her success story – how the hypnosis audio worked for her; how she turned around many unhealthy lifestyle habits and how she can handle stress so much better now than before; she used to smoke 5 packs a week!

Patrick:                     Please share your experience before you came to me to use the Stop Smoking Hypnosis audio program; what was happening in your life and what was your routine and habit?

Cindi:                         When I first decided to seriously quit smoking I was turning 50 years old, and I have been smoking 30 years. I had tried several times over and over again to quit smoking using the patch which gave me horrible nightmares and I used to take it off and smoke and then put it back on. I used the gum which never worked. I tried just quitting cold turkey, cutting down but I always went back to smoking. And I finally decided at 50 that it was time to get serious about my health.

The new Cindi  – smoke free in a matter of days & she lost weight with Patrick Wanis’ hypnosis audios

So I went online. I wanted to do hypnosis, but I was a little worried about going somewhere and being put in hypnosis and, you know, what would happen when I was under and I stumbled across Patrick’s hypnosis audio program and read about it online and how you work with a lot of famous people and help them. So for $38 I was like that’s a lot less than I spent in all those stop smoking aids that didn’t work. So I spent for it. It came around the middle of February 2010. I was cutting down on smoking, but I was still smoking. I think I had one cigarette left at that time from a pack and I listened to it. I fell asleep so I couldn’t even remember what it said the first time I listened to it.

So the next day I got up, I had a cigarette, and I was okay. I didn’t rush out to buy any. I felt kind of calm. I kept listening to it every day for the first week, and I just… I mean I can still now remember parts of it, the calming part and going down the path to your favorite place. I mean just certain parts stay with you and how all the damage that you’re doing and, you know, your lungs. Your body doesn’t have a choice and you need to take care of it and things like that stick in my mind.

But since then I can honestly say maybe I slipped up once or twice, but within the past year I’m not even tempted – I can watch people smoke. The smell doesn’t bother me, but it doesn’t attract me. If I get upset about things, I don’t think, “Oh, I need a cigarette” like I used to. I mean I was smoking every single day, so I was pretty addicted to the nicotine. And it’s just such a feeling of power first of all that I beat it and relief and health and I breathe so much easier. I work out all the time. I’m cycling now 30 miles at a time without even stopping. It’s just the greatest gift.

Patrick:                      Wow! So let me ask you this because you said February 2010. So you’ve actually been smoke-free for more than two years, almost three years.

Cindi:                         Right, right, two years, eight months, yeah.

Patrick:                      Okay.

Cindi:                         It’s great.

Patrick:                      Excellent. Congratulations.

Cindi:                         Thank you.

Patrick:                      The first thing to say is congratulations. Well done. What I’m also very curious about is at what point did you suddenly realize “I’m not smoking anymore. I’m free”?

Cindi:                         Well, you know what? As for me and it sounds strange because it’s something you just listen to, but really after like the first week I would look at people smoking and it’s like I knew I was a smoker the week before but I couldn’t picture myself doing it. I couldn’t really think of the fact that smoking used to have on me. It was just gone, and I felt like it was a freedom. It happened very fast for me, very, very fast. And still up to this day it shocked me because I had tried so many things for so long and none of them, you know, worked – maybe a day, maybe two, and then I ran back to smoking.

But this was very fast. Within the first week I really felt free, you know, and every month after that, I just kept feeling better and better about it and obviously getting healthier and becoming more active and fitter and I am 52.

Patrick:                      Again, congratulations because what you’re sharing is you’ve done more than just stop smoking. You’ve turned around a lot of your lifestyle habits which I’ll ask you about in a moment. But first, how often were you using my Quit Smoking Hypnosis audio program?


Cindi:                         I did listen to it every night for the first week. Again, I fell asleep a lot because I always did it at night when I went to bed. A couple of times I did really try to focus and stay up because I wanted to hear the whole thing. So maybe after the first week I listened to it maybe once a month for a couple more months not just because it was there and I never really felt anxious but I was in my room. It’s almost like I just love hearing your voice and it’s a calming way to go to sleep, you know, to breathe in, breathe out. So after that I’d say after the first six months I really – I can’t remember the last time I listened to it. I really just haven’t had the need.

Patrick:                      And Cindi, before you started using my hypnosis audio program, how many cigarettes a day were you smoking every day?

Cindi:                         Weekends when I was going out with friends I would smoke a pack easily. During the week, maybe a half a pack. I would say for seven days probably about four packs, maybe five packs.

Patrick:                      I know of people that have used my audio program who smoked a pack a day or more than a pack a day. But by the way, what you’re sharing is obviously a lot of cigarettes.

Cindi:                         Oh, definitely, definitely. And the funny thing was too when you’re smoking, obviously you don’t realize how bad your clothes stink, your hair stinks. And once I washed everything and my car smells, everything was just fresh and clean and, you know it was just a great feeling.

Patrick:                      Because in the audio program I actually recall that that’s a key point that I help you to also understand at a subconscious level about how great it will feel when you’re free. There’s just a beautiful fresh smell of your clothes or hair, your home, your surroundings. So that’s fantastic news, and it’s fantastic news because of your health more than anything else. The other question is a lot of people are concerned that “Oh, when I stop smoking, I might put on weight.” What was your experience?

Read the rest of the conversation between Cindi and I, and read about her dramatic transformation with her weight.

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