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Was Josh Duggar molested?

Was Josh Duggar molested?

Forgive or damn Josh Duggar?
While there are 2 mass clashing responses to the revelations that Josh Duggar molested 4 of his younger sisters and another girl (ages 5 – 12) over a period of a year when he was 14/15, most people fail to realize that often cases someone who molests or abuses a child was molested or abused when he was a child.

I have worked with various clients who were abused by an older sibling, and that older sibling was abused when he/she was young. I have had cases of boys molesting younger sisters/brothers, and sisters molesting younger brothers.

So did someone molest Josh when he was young child?

The answer is most likely, yes.

And while some people promote forgiveness for Josh, the second key question in this case is, has the victims of Josh Duggar forgiven him? Has Josh’s sisters forgiven him?

Consequences for Josh AND forgiveness can help his sisters to forgive him and bring about healing and resolution for the 4 sisters.

Josh molested five underage girls in 2002 and 2003 but was not charged for two reasons:

  1. The statute of limitations had already passed
    2. Parents Jim Bob and Michelle waited for 16 months before reporting it to a an Arkansas state trooper named Jim Hutchens, who gave Josh a “very stern talk” and did nothing else

Brief Summary

  • March 2002, Jim Bob Duggar (Josh’s father) is told by a minor that Josh has been fondling her while she was sleeping. The 2006 Police report says 14-year-old Josh admitted to this in July 2002.
  • One year later, March 2003, Josh is again accused of fondling “several” minors, “often when they slept, but at times when they were awake.”
  • Jim Bob informs the elders of his church. They decide Josh should be sent to a program that “consisted of hard physical work and counseling.” Michelle Duggar (Josh’s mother) later admits to police that the program “was not really a training center” and instead was “a guy they know in Little Rock that is remodeling a building.”
  • After Josh returns home, Jim Bob and several church elders take him to meet with an Arkansas state trooper named Jim Hutchens, who gives him a “very stern talk” but does not pursue any official course of action. (Hutchens is currently serving a 56-year prison sentence on child pornography charges.) (source VOX)

Talking Points

  • Impact of abuse and molestation on female child victims
  • The psychological reasons abusers repeat the abuse
  • Can an abuser truly change?
  • Why some abused victims do not repeat the abuse as adults
  • The role forgiveness plays for the victims

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